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HAARP directly linked to pyramids, planets and UFOs

I was thinking about HAARP and I wondered just how many of these complexes exist around the world, so I checked the Web and below is a list of countries that are supposed to have them: USA (Alaska, Long Island and Area 51) Great Britain Australia Japan Brazil Peru Norway Russia China Puerto Rico India This technology must have been … Continue reading

Planet X and the crazy weather in 2018

With the oceans receding with no scientific explanation, it really makes me wonder what the heck is going on. More earthquakes, more volcanoes erupting and more floods of the like we have never seen before. There also is an increase in UFO sightings and not just one UFO but multiple. I wonder what they are up to. I don’t think … Continue reading

Doomsday Dave is back with a fresh batch of Planet X potpourri

Jamaica connection I recently took a trip to Jamaica and met Petouchia who is a cab driver who waits in the lobby of the RIU hotel waiting for customers. I learned that Petouchia is a prepper as he believes that something bad is going to happen but is not sure what. He did get the talk on Planet X from … Continue reading

Is Planet X over the horizon or a million miles away?

The activity on the Web about Planet X has grown quite a bit over the last few weeks. Some say it is here and some say it is orbiting the sun. I am not convinced that it is orbiting the sun, as previously stated by experts. Nibiru is supposed to go around the sun, then back out again, not to … Continue reading

November 19th earthquakes coming due to Planet X?

This article talks about massive earthquakes erupting by November 19, 2017 and that there will be millions of people killed. They state that this is caused by Planet X and I hope their prediction is wrong but one never knows. There have been many predictions in the past that have never materialized but, as I have said before, it is … Continue reading

Planet X: Spit out the seeds and eat the fruit

For the longest time I had noticed the face of the moon rotate at least 90 degrees and even posted articles claiming that this was odd. Well, I have to apologize for my ignorance as I was wrong. This video below explains why the moon seems to rotate. However, he claims that the theory of Planet X is rubbish. I … Continue reading

Planet X deniers doth protest too much, methinks

Many write in to debunk Planet X or dismiss the theory that it could be the cause of the radical changes to our planet but they do not offer up any alternative reason for these changes. It is easy to write in and say there is no such planet, even though NASA has said that there is an external force … Continue reading

Waiting for the next catastrophe

Arrived back from Mexico on the 23rd September without incident, I am pleased to say. I met a couple from Jersey (USA) named Ed and Deb and they were great company. Yes, the conversation got around to Planet X and I think I made a believer out of Ed–well, at least he was going to look deeper into the subject. … Continue reading

One Canadian’s apology to Mexico

First of all, let me apologize on behalf of the Canadians, as our government failed to assist those who are in need of help in the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. The US went into these countries and assisted US citizens to return home, as did Great Britain and France. Our government did not and would not help evacuate their … Continue reading

Hurricane Irma: Is Planet X to blame for yet another catastrophic storm?

First it was Hurricane Andrew which was unprecedented and devastating to Florida and surrounding areas. The chance of another such as this was unlikely, but now we have Hurricane Irma which is even more powerful and creating a lot of damage to the Caribbean and may hit Florida. Mandatory evacuation has been declared for the affected areas. Now what are … Continue reading

Is Planet X responsible for Hurricane Harvey?

The heat from the sun set records in 2016 but the scientists say that 2017 will bring cooler temperatures. I don’t think they are correct. While sitting on my back deck writing my articles for Planet X News, I find myself looking for shade in just 10 minutes. As the sun passes over my house, I find that in a … Continue reading

Connect the dots: terrorism, Trump, martial law, Planet X

Terrorism in the Western countries has increased dramatically and I wonder why it has come to this. I sometimes wonder if this is a massive conspiracy so that martial law can be introduced so that more controls can be implemented on the everyday person. With Donald Trump as president, it has surely put the world in a tailspin and the … Continue reading

Planet X / Nibiru: Evidence compiling, government denying

There are those people who say that if Planet X or one of its moons was in the sky, then millions of people would have seen it. Well, all I ask you to do is go into your city and town and observe what people are doing and you will see the reason why many people do not see what we … Continue reading

Part 2: Antarctica evacuated, Planet X / Nibiru almost here?

This article reports that John Kerry visited that Antarctica base. I wonder what was so important for him to go in person. If I was in his position and a report hit my desk that they discovered a UFO craft or aliens, then I to would want to see it with my own eyes. As much as people scoff to what … Continue reading

Antarctica evacuated, Planet X / Nibiru almost here?

All civilians have been evacuated from the Antarctic and elite military are being flown in. I wonder what the hell is going on. The Russian navy is also on the way there; check out this page for further details. This article has determined that our second sun will be visible in July of this year. They also state that Earth at … Continue reading

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