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Ships on alert as Kick ’em Jenny volcano rumbles to life off Grenada

An active underwater volcano is rumbling beneath the Caribbean Sea. And scientists say an eruption could sink ships and shoot up hot rocks into the air. The volcano, Kick ’em Jenny, sits off the northern coast of Grenada. Officials raised its threat level Thursday to orange, which means it could erupt with less than 24-hour notice. Kick ’em Jenny started … Continue reading

Stunning footage of underwater volcano erupting off coast of Taiwan

Stunning footage has revealed a rare underwater volcano erupting off the coast of Taiwan. As the drone flies over the around Kueishantao Island, off the coast of Taiwan’s Gueishan Island, beautiful bubble plumes can be seen surfacing as volcanic vents erupt underwater. The video was captured by marine scientist Mario Lebrato, 29, from Spain. Mario, who works at the University … Continue reading

11 clear signs that Planet X is affecting Earth in a bad way

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum) If Jade Helm is just a training exercise, then why can’t the rest of America get to watch? What is the big secret? I don’t think there has ever been a drill of this magnitude in the U.S. Time will tell if they do, in fact, break … Continue reading

HAARP may be triggering the Yellowstone supervolcano

EPIC Voyages Radio’s Dr. Laurel B. Tague maps the trends of unusual weather patterns with engineer Dane Wigington. Later in the show, Laurel talks to Mike of The HAARP Report to discuss static and SBX-1 mobile transmitters, triggering the Yellowstone Caldera, and more.

New Yellowstone thermal activity heats fears of supervolcano

Park rangers at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming acted quickly to close down a road near Mammoth Hot Springs after a new thermal feature became “visibly active.” By “visibly active,” they mean heat near the surface measuring 152 degrees Fahrenheit and hot water bubbling from holes drilled only 20 inches into the ground. This comes just a few months after … Continue reading

Earth erupting: Volcanoes going off in Mexico, Chile and Indonesia

Volcanoes are erupting around the globe this weekend, causing flight cancellations in southeast Asia and evacuations in Mexico. Hundreds of people have been forced to flee from their villages located at the foot of the Colima Volcano in western Mexico’s Colima State, following an eruption this weekend which saw the active mountain spew ash and fire. The volcano, also known … Continue reading

Yellowstone Volcano eruption: Is US government working on secret evacuation plan?

One of the most dangerous volcanoes erupted for the first time in 42 years when Mount Calbuco in Chile on April 22, 2015 blew its top and began spewing a giant ash cloud more than 15 kilometres into the atmosphere, rattling the residents in the region. While Calbuco is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in South America, it … Continue reading

Earth’s massive volcanic eruptions: “Dominant drivers of climate variability”

It is well known that large volcanic eruptions contribute to climate variability. However, quantifying these contributions has proven challenging due to inconsistencies in both historic atmospheric data observed in ice cores and corresponding temperature variations seen in climate proxies such as tree rings. Published today in the journal Nature, a new study led by scientists from the Desert Research Institute … Continue reading

Earthquake and volcano threat for USA increases

In a rare letter to Mr. Craig Fugate, the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), has disclosed that we are about to enter a potentially catastrophic period of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptions throughout the United States. The letter was signed by SSRC President, Mr. John Casey, and delivered to FEMA … Continue reading

Yellowstone supervolcano: Geologists say it will blow without warning

According to the National Park Service, the Yellowstone supervolcano is not about to erupt, and animals are not fleeing because of it despite claims from many online commentators. The video below and ones similar to it “show” buffalo galloping down a road out of Yellowstone because claims that the Yellowstone supervolcano is going to explode has been making the media rounds … Continue reading

Doomsday Dave: ‘God is sending His wrath in the form of Planet X’

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum) For those who are not aware, you are being killed softly. As each day passes it is getting closer and you are running out of time. Pretty soon there will be no way you can prepare. I have this horrible gut feeling that it is … Continue reading

Authorities fear a major eruption at Mount Sinabung

Authorities in western Indonesia on Monday evacuated hundreds of villagers living near a volcano that is spewing hot ash down its slopes almost daily. Government volcanologist Gede Suantika said at least 28 hot ash avalanches occurred Monday at Mount Sinabung on Sumatra, one of Indonesia’s main islands. There are indications the crater’s lava dome continues to grow in size, Gede … Continue reading

Volcano eruption updates: Japan, Philippines and Indonesia

Some of the volcano news from the past few days: Japan Asama, one of the volcanoes located near Tokyo, erupted on Tuesday. The weather conditions haven’t permitted much of a view of the eruption, but it appears to have been a small explosion that spread ash only on the area near Asama. However, officials from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) … Continue reading

Sign of the times? Volcanic activity at record levels

The earth’s core is getting more restless, grinding and shifting underfoot, and increasingly spewing forth its fury. From Alaska and Hawaii to Japan, Malaysia, Ecuador, Iceland and Russia, the amount of volcanic activity has been at or near record levels in recent years, some scientists say. But apparently measuring such activity over time is not an exact science. Other scientists … Continue reading

Indonesia’s Lake Toba supervolcano threatens global volcanic winter: eruption caused mass extinction 75,000 years ago

Indonesia’s Toba supervolcano – the site of the world’s largest volcanic lake in Sumatra –came alive late last month, producing hot steam and foul smelling gas. The recent activity has raised fears of a major eruption after 75,000 years. Toba Volcano, according to reports in the Indonesian media, is presently producing large emissions of steam and the ground in the … Continue reading

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