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Reptilians, the R-Cortex and feeding off fear

Let me begin this article by stating what the Mexican shaman / sorcerer Don Juan told UCLA anthropologist, Carlos Castaneda, about the shape-shifting Reptilian-flyers who came here from the star-system Alpha-Draconis: “In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver; stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting … Continue reading

666 Vs. the 144,000

Last Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 666 points. On the same day, the Nasdaq tumbled 144 points. It is well known to those versed in The Book of Revelation that there is an opposition in the end times between the Beast and the 144,000 saints. Revelation 13:17-18 gives us a sense of the Beast and its control over commerce on the planet: The … Continue reading

Neither the Saudi Prince nor the British Queen are exactly ‘human’

This video which was uploaded just prior to January 2017 appears to show the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman’s fingers extending beyond the normal length of a human into something resembling an insectoid being or gray alien hybrid. Indeed, the incident in question goes back to 2013. It appears like a Japanese television feed is what captured Prince Mohammed’s fingers … Continue reading

Moloch, babies’ blood and shape-shifting Reptilians

1st Kings 11:7 states that “on the hill east of Jerusalem, Solomon built an altar to the detestable god of the Ammonites, Moloch.” The Wikipedia entry for this abominable idol depicts a bull god (perhaps a holdover from the Age of Taurus) with open hands to receive the sacrifice of burning flesh. If this sounds like bold conspiracy nonsense, it … Continue reading

Quantum entanglement, Planet X / Nibiru and the photon belt

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc bio and articles / forum Querying Google with quantum entanglement as an entry, the search engine yielded a plethora of academic articles on the scientific phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Entanglement, the source of what Einstein termed “spooky action at a distance,” reveals that the electrons, quarks and photons can be synchronized non-locally in three-dimensional space. … Continue reading

ISIS is just a smokescreen for Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc bio and articles / forum If I were to go all-in and shoot from the hip on what is the driving force behind ISIS, I would have to say that ISIS shares a desire to perform ritualized, blood-letting sacrifices to the false gods of Babylon. I will summon my memory of the testimony of Arizona … Continue reading

Planet X / Nibiru, the unconscious and the new Earth

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) If you have been drawn here, or have driven yourself here in a frenetic search for the truth, look now to the stars. You have come here to help Mother Earth, Gaia—the eighth sister of the Pleaides. This is where the Christ / Sophia story of the Gnostics comes from. … Continue reading

528 Hertz, Siddhis and the supernatural realm

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) I am excited about all of the apocalyptic doom and gloom regarding the “weeping and gnashing of teeth.”  The very few of us who actually will have to suffer that fate are not about to encounter an eternal hell; but, rather a tough transition. For the rest of us, those … Continue reading

Nietzsche’s ‘Anti-Christ’ Versus Hegel’s ‘Spirit’

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) This holiday season I have had the opportunity to listen on to Nietzsche’s Anti-Christ as well as an introduction to Hegel’s Philosophy of History. Both philosophical works seem to have a lot to bear on our current social / political climate. Nietzsche’s assertion that Christianity is born of sickness … Continue reading

The second sun / Planet X / Nibiru and the third eye inside the pineal gland

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) We spend most of our time looking outside of ourselves with either the left eye or the right eye dominating or leading, while the other eye helps to define the sphere of influence, thus giving us depth perception. It can be called telescopic, binocular vision; but, you will indubitably find … Continue reading

Birkeland currents, the pineal gland and Planet X

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) If you are unfamiliar with my work on, my general point of view is that Planet X is coming into our collective purview. Just in the past few months, several key videos have given us a visual perspective on Planet X’s covert appearance as a second sun of sorts. … Continue reading

You can’t trust shapeshifters, reptilians or government trolls

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles / forum) I have to mention this and I may get a lot of flack over it, but I am having a hard time believing in these shapeshifters, these so called reptilians that morph into looking like us. I have seen some of the close-up videos of the reptilian … Continue reading

It doesn’t matter if there are aliens among us because Planet X is already here

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles / forum) My wife heard on a local radio station from one of the announcers that Planet X was not real and it was a bunch of hype over nothing. Seems like this is getting out more in the regular media, but I wonder what he based his comment … Continue reading

With the arrival of Planet X comes alien hunting season as well

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum) Are the Borg going to invade our planet and to try and assimilate us? You be the judge. This page shows clear pictures of Borg-like cubes. Could Star Trek be another Hollywood-government conspiracy telling us the truth through movies? Are the pictures fake? Make sure you scroll … Continue reading

Secret underground ‘Reptilian’ cities?

How a lawyer defends each case, is how I present ‘each video.’ When the invaders came, Cappadocians knew where to hide: underground, in one of the 250 subterranean safe havens they had carved from pliable volcanic ash rock called tuff. The biggest hiding place ever found in Cappadocia, a region of central Turkey famous for the otherworldly chimney houses, cave … Continue reading

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