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The Illuminati and Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum The next 50 days is the most critical time period that has ever existed in the history of the United States. The globalist, New World Order agenda has been soundly defeated and they know it. They have been totally exposed. The fact that six of their corporations control the media … Continue reading

Doomsday Dave featured guest on Tribulation-Now radio show (August 21, 2016)

From interview description: Join Johnny Baptist while he discusses the empirical events across the world leading up to World War III, the trickery and deceit of the New World Order and the bizarre weirdness of the fallen angelic UFO phenomenon as we plunge head first into the forthcoming apocalypse and the Seven Seals of Revelation (chapter 6). Tonight we are … Continue reading

New eBook by David Meade: ‘The Coming Clinton Economic Collapse’

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum BEHOLD, A PALE HORSE This coming election is about critical issues – Liberty versus the New World Order agenda. It’s about honesty and integrity versus old school shadow politics. My name is David Meade and I wrote the book The Coming Clinton Economic Collapse to provide a way out. No … Continue reading

Bart Sibrel’s Conspiracy Corner News (Volume 30)

From video description: In this week’s episode, Bart Sibrel discusses England’s clever sacrificial chess move to pull out of the European Union, in order to trigger an economic collapse and then blame the people for it, for seeking independence, thus actually solidifying world-central government.

New X-Files miniseries will take on 9/11 conspiracy, world government and NSA spying

Government corruption was always one of the main themes that played out in the classic television show X-Files, and it was typically shown in the form of UFO and alien cover-ups. However, the show’s creator said in a recent interview that the new revival of the series will also touch on some of the more political conspiracies that take place … Continue reading

The Beginning of the End: Passage of Planet X and the Great Warning

By Guest Writer Diamond Star Research We here, at Diamond Star Research, have studied the Planet X system for over 12 years and the coming Great Warning of Catholic prophecy for even longer. It has become clear to us that there is a direct link between the passage of the Planet X system and the event described as the Great … Continue reading

Marshall Masters interview: Planet X / Nibiru, Anunnaki, NWO agenda, preparedness

Truth Frequency Radio 12/20/2015 interview description: Marshall Masters, long time Planet X researcher, joined me (Sean Caron) for a fascinating discussion about how to prepare, not just for an apocalyptic event but any crisis situation within your community. Essentially how to survive by helping others. Also the Elite agenda regarding depopulation and enslaving those who are left after a real … Continue reading

Bush vs. Clinton: How it could happen and why the NWO wins and we lose, no matter who wins

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) The biggest secret is that this is only a test. Life is a test of free will. Life is a chance and a choice between good and evil, or between the static and the eternal. The role of evil is to tempt humanity to join it and, in so doing, … Continue reading

The 9/11 whistle-blower everyone will soon know

The geopolitical sphere of our world has been undergoing dramatic changes on every front for the past several years. In the past 2 years alone specifically, we’ve seen alliances broken, alliance made and the propaganda intensify. Reading any mainstream media reports over that time has shown us a different picture of what has really been taking place. Even most alternative … Continue reading

Pay it forward: Let your light shine in this dark, dark world

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum) With all of the negativity about doomsday, I wanted to start off with a nice story. A couple days ago, I was out with my boy, teaching him how to drive. It was hot and clammy, so we decided to stop at a fast food restaurant for … Continue reading

Terrifying future for humanity in 2015 and beyond: RFID chips, transhumanism, A.I. and NWO

The need for humans to participate in armed conflicts could soon be over. The next generation of military hardware might be able to think and act for itself. Hardware will soon consist of “autonomous robots that know neither pity nor fear” — quite a step up from the current generation of UAVs and drones operated by humans from the safety … Continue reading

5 billion humans to be murdered: NWO plan in progress right now

We have people on the other side [the Dark Side] who think we should reduce the population of the earth. That’s Satan’s plan, of course. Jacques Cousteau [you’ve seen his underwater documentaries] said we need to eliminate 350,000 people a day. Ted Turner [you pay for his cable TV networks] said we need a 95% decline in population. Okay, Ted, … Continue reading

Project Blue Beam: How the NWO intends to create a world religion and conquer the planet

The Blue Beam Project is one of the most dangerous secret programs. It has the potential to spark a global war, making all of us wish it were only a fantasy. But is it? It’s a known fact that religion rules our world. It always has and always will, due to humanity’s need to believe in a higher power. This … Continue reading

12 major events are going to happen by the end of September and why you need to know about them

Twelve, that is the number of major events that have happened or are going to happen during or before the month of September. It seems a lot of people lately are having a gut feeling that something “Big” is about to unfold, but no one knows exactly what it is. Maybe people are feeling that way because of the events … Continue reading

Here is what went on at the Alien Cosmic Expo in Ontario, Canada

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum) I had the opportunity this weekend (June 26-28) to attend the Alien Cosmic Expo in Ontario, Canada. Here is the list of speakers at this event; it truly had a fantastic line-up of speakers. You may recognize some names. Stanton Friedman Paul Hellyer Jason Martell … Continue reading

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