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Is Planet X over the horizon or a million miles away?

The activity on the Web about Planet X has grown quite a bit over the last few weeks. Some say it is here and some say it is orbiting the sun. I am not convinced that it is orbiting the sun, as previously stated by experts. Nibiru is supposed to go around the sun, then back out again, not to … Continue reading

Earth tilting, mini ice age coming, cosmic rays increasing, asteroid TX68 update

From video description: Cosmic rays are rising rapidly. Earth is tilting north; this is a physical pole shift combined with a magnetic polar shift. Asteroid TX68 update.

Planet X + the Pope + September 23 = New World Order?

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles / forum) There have been many predictions about the end of September, especially the 23rd, the day after the pope arrives, but I want to look at this from a different perspective. I think that something is going to happen but am not sure what and, unlike others, I … Continue reading

Ice Age is coming and it can’t be avoided

By 2030 solar activity is going to drop by 60%. When that happens, the conditions will resemble those during the last mini ice age in 1645. Solar physicists have observed that the activity of the Sun changes during the 10 to 12 years cycle. The cause of this seems to be the dynamo caused by the fluid that is convecting deep … Continue reading

Space scientist fears return of ‘mini ice age’

NASHIK: The fewer sunspot activities on the Sun witnessed since the last two solar cycles might lead to a “mini ice age-like situation” in coming years, Shrinivas Aundhkar, the director of Mahatma Gandhi Mission, Centre for Astronomy and Space Technology, Nanded, said here on Tuesday. “The sunspots that can be seen on the Sun have comparatively less temperature compared to … Continue reading is your one-stop source for all news related to Planet X (Nibiru / Nemesis / Wormwood / Hercolubus), as well as its theorized effects on Earth, our weather, the sun and solar system. We also share paranormal and alternative news that may not be related to Planet X or its effects but interesting to our readers, nonetheless. All of our original articles may be reposted in full, unedited, with full attribution.

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