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Forbidden knowledge: the arrival of Planet X

My latest book, The End of Days – Planet X and Beyond is now available on Amazon. In Siberia, a massive blue glow appeared in the sky. Let’s look at some reader comments. Vasily Zubkov posted: “I went out to smoke a cigarette and thought it was the end of the world. I was taken aback for a few minutes, not understanding … Continue reading

Planet X / Nibiru: Evidence compiling, government denying

There are those people who say that if Planet X or one of its moons was in the sky, then millions of people would have seen it. Well, all I ask you to do is go into your city and town and observe what people are doing and you will see the reason why many people do not see what we … Continue reading

2017: the year of Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum One of my readers recently sent me a letter and reminded me of how my book was strangely reminiscent of an H.G. Wells short story entitled The Star (Wikipedia | Amazon). H.G. Wells wrote this short story in 1897. It describes how the people of Earth suddenly awaken to the idea that … Continue reading

Marshall Masters and David Meade discuss Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum It is an honor and a privilege to discuss the major event of this century with one of the most knowledgeable men about this event. I will be speaking live with Marshall Masters on Monday, February 6th on his show Cut to the Chase. Just to preface this discussion, I’d like … Continue reading

Increase in natural disasters signals arrival of Planet X / Nibiru

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines bio and articles / forum Tornado hits highway. Check this out. If you doubt the existence of Planet X / Nibiru, then why are the very wealthy disposing of their assets and investments? This article (thank you, Omar) is very eye-opening. When is Nibiru coming and why have we not gotten a firm date? Many … Continue reading

Dear Planet X / Nibiru deniers: Prepare to eat your words very soon

By Staff Writer David “Doomsday Dave” Hines bio and articles / forum I would like to thank John Baptist for hosting me on his Tribulation-Now radio show; it was very uplifting to be with him. What a great guy. Have a listen. For those of you who are still on the fence about Planet X, you may want to check … Continue reading

Leak Project interview of Marshall Masters, topics include Planet X / Nibiru, 2016 updates

From video description: Excellent interview with Marshall Masters, discussing a plethora of the latest intel on Planet X, Nibiru, The Red Kachina & Helion Binary Star System. Are we getting close to a major reset in human history? Marshall Masters breaks it down in this over two-hour discussion.

Planet 9 is a decoy and deception, it is not Planet X / Nibiru

The reason for the barrage of disinformation at this time is because the real Planet X is critically close to the inner solar system. By Guest Writer Diamond Star Research There has been a barrage of disinformation articles and videos and even general confusion concerning what and where Planet X is. More and more articles seem to be equating Planet … Continue reading

Washington Post flip-flops on Planet X / Nibiru

By John DiNardo Although The Washington Post reported N.A.S.A.’s discovery of “Planet X” in 1983, most people cannot imagine why this dwarf star has taken so much time to be gravitationally pulled in by our Sun. To understand why, we must realize how vast our Solar System is, and that this body is actually decelerating after it overshoots the Sun … Continue reading

Marshall Masters interview: Planet X / Nibiru, Anunnaki, NWO agenda, preparedness

Truth Frequency Radio 12/20/2015 interview description: Marshall Masters, long time Planet X researcher, joined me (Sean Caron) for a fascinating discussion about how to prepare, not just for an apocalyptic event but any crisis situation within your community. Essentially how to survive by helping others. Also the Elite agenda regarding depopulation and enslaving those who are left after a real … Continue reading

YOWUSA: Planet X signs – Update #4

Since our last article on July 3, 2015, we continue to see increasing earth changes due to the advancing Planet X System flyby.  Meanwhile, the U.S. mainstream media continues to downplay earth change events around the world. Fortunately for those in awareness there are independent sources available with superior coverage of events happening around the world. In every article we … Continue reading

Marshall Masters: Planet 7X theories vs. Zecharia Sitchin’s work

From video description: Planet 7X researcher, Gill Broussard, recently appeared in a documentary titled “Watchers Nine: Days of Darkness” with L.A. Marzulli. In that program, Gill Broussard challenged the work of Zecharia Sitchin, author of “The 12th Planet,” with several unsubstantiated claims. This video is a ‘fair use’ response to Broussard’s unsubstantiated claims, made by Planet X researcher and investigator, … Continue reading

Marshall Masters analyzes ‘Planet X two suns’ video and ‘Nibiru with wings’ photo

From video description: Host, Marshall Masters, offers a detailed analysis of two Planet X observations: Melissa Huffman’s September 2015 second sun smartphone video captured on the Sanibel Causeway in Florida, plus a exclusive, an image of Nibiru with wings, captured in April 2015 by digital photography instructor, Glenn Vaughan. Also Marshall will explain why Glenn Vaughan’s image is deeply … Continue reading

Marshall Masters: Third secret of Fatima, Planet X and coming chastisements

The aftermath of CERN, the blood moon prophecy non-event and the Pope’s unremarkable visit to the USA in September of 2015 left many who had great expectations somewhat bewildered — especially those of the Christian faith. To all things there is a purpose, and this “expectation stampede,” as Marshall calls it, was about preventing consensus through ensnarement and humiliation. Yet, … Continue reading

The real story of Planet X / Nibiru 2015 (almost 5-hour documentary)


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