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Some think I’m childish and wasting my time with Planet X. What do you think?

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles / forum) Lately, I have had people contact me to tell me that there is no Planet X. Well, are they right or are they wrong? They also told me to get on with my life. Well, I am. I am getting prepared for its arrival. They tell me … Continue reading

Japan might be about to experience a large volcanic eruption, scientists warn

Japan is bracing itself for what scientists say could be a large explosive eruption, after a series of recent earthquakes and indications of rising magma around Sakurajima Volcano on Kyushu island, at the country’s southern tip. The geological activity is reminiscent of the events that preceded the volcano’s 1914 explosive eruption, which killed 35 people. The Japanese Meteorological Agency has now … Continue reading

Unprecedented volcano warning near Japan’s only restarted nuke plant: ‘Extremely high risk of major eruption’

The Independent, Aug 16, 2015 (emphasis added): Japan’s weather agency issued a warning… that the likelihood of the eruption of [Sakurajima] was extremely high… after it detected a spike in seismic activity… They have warned an evacuation of the city of just over 600,000 people may be necessary. [JMA] said: “The possibility for a large-scale eruption has become extremely high … Continue reading

UFO fleet over Osaka is the latest cluster sighting

A video from Osaka, Japan, shows what appears to be 10 orb-shaped UFOs hovering in formation over the city. This follows other smaller cluster sightings in Osaka and more recently in London. Why are UFOs suddenly gathering in groups? The video of the orbs over Osaka was uploaded on July 27th, 2015, but no indication was given as to when … Continue reading

“Orange light” caught on a live camera of Mt. Hakone

Following up this article: Japan Meteorological Agency found 3 more craters in Mt. Hakone On 7/12/2015, the live camera for Mt. Hakone operated by NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) caught unidentified “orange light.” It is said that it was recorded on 20:52 (JST). The camera is viewing the mountain from the northeast of the crater. The “light” seems to be in … Continue reading

Man-made meteor showers: What could possibly go wrong?

A Japanese company is raising money to send balls made from an unspecified chemical into space inside a satellite, then release them to create an artificial meteor shower. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe they should check with the 1200 people injured by a real meteorite explosion in Chelyabinsk in 2013. The company is called ALE Ltd. and its CEO, … Continue reading

M6.9 and 5.3 earthquakes occurred on Ogasawara Island offshore again, epicenter depth was 480 km

According to Japan Meteorological Agency, an earthquake of M6.9 happened Ogasawara island offshore again at 21:19 of 6/23/2015 (JST). (cf, M8.5 occurred Ogasawara island offshore / Seismic intensity 5+ in Greater Tokyo Area [URL]) 4 minutes later, M5.3 also occurred at almost the same epicenter. Both of the quakes had epicenter 440 – 480 km deep underground. The previous quake in … Continue reading

Volcano eruption updates: Japan, Philippines and Indonesia

Some of the volcano news from the past few days: Japan Asama, one of the volcanoes located near Tokyo, erupted on Tuesday. The weather conditions haven’t permitted much of a view of the eruption, but it appears to have been a small explosion that spread ash only on the area near Asama. However, officials from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) … Continue reading

Epicenter of 8.5M Japan earthquake was deep as lower mantle of the earth, deepest for M8-class quakes since 1900

On 5/31/2015, Japan Meteorological Agency announced the quake of 5/30 was actually M8.1. They also revised the depth of the epicenter from 590 km to 682 km from recalculation based on 101 locations data. They haven’t observed the deeper epicenter since 1900 among M8 class of quakes. 682km deep underground is where lower mantle lies under upper mantle. Japan Meteorological … Continue reading

Volcano explodes off Kyushu, forcing small island to evacuate

A volcano exploded Friday morning on sparsely populated Kuchinoerabu Island, sending smoke and ash soaring into the sky above Kagoshima Prefecture and residents fleeing to the safety of nearby Yakushima Island. The 9:59 a.m. eruption of 626-meter Mount Shindake, the island’s main peak, produced a plume over 9 km high and a pyroclastic flow that reached the shoreline, the Meteorological … Continue reading

The Real Reason America Dropped The Atomic Bomb. It Was Not To End The War

On August 6, 1945, the world (unfortunately) entered the atomic age. Without warning, a single nuclear bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima killed about 90,000 people instantly and injured many others – who then died from radiation sickness. Three days later, a second atomic strike on the city of Nagasaki killed some 37,000 people and injured another 43,000. Together … Continue reading

Expert sees ‘era of great quakes and eruptions’

Mt. Fuji is located only about 25 kilometers from Mt. Hakone. While Mt. Fuji is also an active volcano, will the increased volcanic activity of Mt. Hakone have any effects on Mt. Fuji? “The magma chambers located beneath Mt. Hakone and Mt. Fuji are not connected, so there is no effect on Mt. Fuji,” said Toshitsugu Fujii, who chairs the … Continue reading

100 volcanic earthquakes at popular Japanese resort prompt tourist warning

There has been a rise in the number of volcanic earthquakes recorded in Hakone, Japan. The nearby Hakone volcano began belching steaming gas and meteorologists say there is a possible risk of an eruption. There were two minor quakes registering 2.4 and 2.0 recorded at the Hakone volcano, which is located in the Kanagawa Province and is 80 kilometers southwest … Continue reading

JMA issues alert for possible eruption of Mount Zaosan, Japan

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has issued an alert for a possible eruption of Mount Zaosan, Zaozan volcano group in northeastern Japan citing a large amount of volcanic activity observed there this month, The Asahi Shimbun reports. The last eruption in this volcanic group occurred on May 18, 1940 (Okama crater lake, VEI 1). Local governments urged climbers not to enter a 1.2-km area … Continue reading

Mass Whale Beaching Re-Ignites Quake Fears Among Japanese

Six days prior to Japan’s devastating 2011 undersea earthquake that killed over 18,000 people, around 50 melon-headed whales – a species that is a member of the dolphin family – beached themselves on Japan’s beaches. Now, 4 years later, and despite a lack of scientific evidence linking the two events, many Japanese took to social media in fear as the … Continue reading

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