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Hunted by aliens and zombies, we’re all about to be stars on the closed circuit reality TV of the Elite

By Staff Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles / forum) The fifth and final season of the Falling Skies TV series, which has already been shown in the US, will be shown here in Canada beginning September 11th (9/11), which happens to be a strange day to start, don’t you think? Another hint on what’s coming, maybe? … Continue reading

Donald Trump can’t be controlled and neither can the effects of Planet X

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum) We have reported in the past that Planet X has a huge magnetic field which probably expands out millions of miles and could potentially push meteors or asteroids ahead of itself, and there is a great possibility Earth will be struck by one or more in the … Continue reading

Crying “Wolf!” too many times has left most jaded and apathetic

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum) Moon report I checked on the moon this morning (August 2nd) and not only had the moon rotated again by 90%, but it was egg-shaped. Now, maybe that was an illusion but I would certainly like any of you out there to corroborate what I see. Please … Continue reading

Why are NASA and the US media covering up a ‘devastating’ meteor strike in Iran?

All eyes are on Iran right now because of the Iran Nuke Deal… or are they? As previously reported, that whole thing is likely theater. It usually is. America is the only nation that’s ever used nuclear weapons anyway in 70 years. So while attention is diverted talking about the nuke deal and Cecil the Lion or whatever, is anyone … Continue reading

NASA whiffs on Iran and Russia meteor warnings but says no asteroids headed our way

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum) We are into August and September is coming up soon. I don’t think I am going too far after the 22nd, just in case, and I am certainly not getting on an airplane. You can call it paranoia if you want but I call it being careful. … Continue reading

Large meteorite impacts Iran causing serious damage to Qazvin, numerous towns affected

Officials in Iran have confirmed that a meteor has hit somewhere in the northern part of the country on July 30, 2015. The event happened a day before a very large fireball streaked over the sky of Argentina. According to Mohammad Ali Ahani, director of Qazvin Crisis Management Staff, the meteor landed in Avaj, province of Qazvin. There are reports that some pieces of the … Continue reading is your one-stop source for all news related to Planet X (Nibiru / Nemesis / Wormwood / Hercolubus), as well as its theorized effects on Earth, our weather, the sun and solar system. We also share paranormal and alternative news that may not be related to Planet X or its effects but interesting to our readers, nonetheless. All of our original articles may be reposted in full, unedited, with full attribution.

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