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Earthquake lights and Planet X / Nibiru

I confess that I have been alive 37 years and 8 months and “earthquake lights” is not a term that I am familiar with, at least not without mentioning the cause of the earthquake. I am quite familiar with HAARP (or a HAARP-like device, meaning an ionospheric heater) causing a pseudo-Aurora-Borealis effect just before the 2008 Sichuan Province earthquake. Mexico’s recent … Continue reading

The great sign of the Woman and Planet X

God exists outside of our space-time continuum. When He created the stars, the Universe and the Earth, He had a view before Him and knew exactly how the Stellarium program would be developed and that it would discover the celestial alignment of Revelation 12:1. We further see in the Book of Revelation where God gave this information to John, the … Continue reading

Revelation 8 and Wormwood

It is increasingly obvious that the power players in the Pentagon have known about Wormwood and the massive climate changes it will cause since at least the 1980s. Let’s look at other evidences: Deep Underground Military Bases around the country and the world The government stockpiling strategic food and ammunition supplies The new Office of Homeland Security Black ops budgets … Continue reading

Project Indigo Skyfold and Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum To fully understand the vast implications of the 2017 Arrival of Planet X, you have to understand how the Intelligence community operates. When Eisenhower warned of a “vast military-industrial complex,” he wasn’t kidding. Of course, he provided no detail, but he was fully aware of it. Case in point: he … Continue reading

US Navy whistleblowers and Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum My personal interest in Planet X was sparked by my interest in astronomy, and my first-hand knowledge of the New World Order structure. I received a photo privy only to a few from an astronomer friend in France, which had been taken from a multi-national telescope on a remote mountain … Continue reading

The doomsday seed vault

By Guest Writer David Meade bio and articles / forum In the remote archipelago of Svalbard, at the top of the planet, over the Arctic Ocean, is a doomsday seed vault. In total, the vault can handle about 2.5 billion seeds (or about 500 seeds each from about 4.5 million varieties of crops). It now houses well over 1 million … Continue reading

Israel and Planet X / Nibiru are the two reasons Hillary Clinton eluded indictment

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc bio and articles / forum In a quintessentially corrupt decision of the Justice Department, Hillary Clinton will not face indictment for the multiple crimes she committed in mishandling classified and top secret documents. Indeed, by placing them on multiple private servers, Clinton’s actions, which she has admitted she will not repeat because, she says, it … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton would force a North American Union

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc bio and articles / forum If you are an American and you like the idea of a North American Union in which the United States, Canada and Mexico form a political unity that serves to trump the rights of the working citizen, pretty much NAFTA on steroids, then you should vote for Hillary Rodham-Clinton this … Continue reading

History as theater: Planet X / Nibiru revealed

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) What the world calls history is theater. We need to study the “news behind the news.”  Most young people today are so plugged into their electronic devices and fed so much disinformation and misinformation by the mass media, they have ceased to effectively even function. This is what the powers that … Continue reading

US and Russia preparing for Planet X / Nibiru arrival and aftermath

By Guest Writer David Meade (bio and articles / forum) Russia is just finishing 5,000 shelters in Moscow. They’re much more open (in this regard anyway) on this topic than other governments. I personally estimate the US probably has over 150 Deep Underground Military Bases. A huge military underground city exists underneath the Denver Airport. Russia has some that can … Continue reading

A re-examination of morals in the context of Planet X / Nibiru

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) Premise: The elite have known about the coming of Planet X since the early ’80s. Evidence: The martial law / secret security state / new world order has been under heavy construction since the early ’90s. Deep Underground Bunkers and Deep Underground Military Bases have become synonymous with the secret … Continue reading

Shocking: National Park disappearances coordinate with Deep Underground Military Bases

David Paulides is a retired cop who found out through a conversation with a national park employee that there are a multitude of unexplainable disappearances in U.S. national parks. The park employee explained how there seems to be a bit of a cover-up, and this led David Paulides to compile a database on what he deemed high strange disappearances in … Continue reading

Alien History: Volume 3 – Secretary of State James Forrestal, Phil Schneider & Dulce Base

By Guest Writer Christian deBlanc (bio and articles / forum) If you have not read the previous articles (Volume 1; Volume 2), this quotation should suffice to get you up to speed: “Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a treaty with alien entities. It was … Continue reading

Should we be preparing to survive Planet X underground, like the Elite?

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave aka DDD (bio | articles | forum) A big surprise underground. Never knew this existed until yesterday. I wonder if there are anymore like this across the U.S. This does not look like an old mine to me. Someone has spent a lot of money to build this. I could be wrong … Continue reading

Movement To The Bunkers: ‘They Know It Is Coming’ – Elite Actively Practicing Bug-Out Scenario

On Friday night’s Survive To Thrive show, The Hawk speaks about the recent notification given to pilots about the airspace in the DC, Virginia and Maryland, where not only did NORAD announce “test flights” over the DC area, but as an insider source tells ANP, part of that “practice”  was moving the “elite” to their bunkers in preparation of a huge … Continue reading is your one-stop source for all news related to Planet X (Nibiru / Nemesis / Wormwood / Hercolubus), as well as its theorized effects on Earth, our weather, the sun and solar system. We also share paranormal and alternative news that may not be related to Planet X or its effects but interesting to our readers, nonetheless. All of our original articles may be reposted in full, unedited, with full attribution.

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