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World to be ushered into a tailspin of prophetic apocalyptic events (video)

I urge you to watch the video below in its entirety. Especially considering the amount of “unexplained events” that are happening all across the globe and at the same time. Everything from mysterious noises in the skies, to the deaths of massive amounts of animals, to seas and moons turning blood red, to increased earthquake and volcanic activity. Is there a … Continue reading

Do not fear the robot apocalypse

The fears of science fiction—robots subjugating humanity, cities destroyed by machine wars, humans made nearly extinct and forced to live underground in some sort of 1990s New York City rave culture—have expanded from the fantasy world of books and films to fact-based conversations at TED and on Twitter and in the blogosphere. The folks now warning of the existential threat … Continue reading

Apocalypse Now! The Eight Most Likely Ways We’re All Going to Die

We’re a paranoid species as a whole, and the idea that things are about to go sour has been echoed up the ages, from the Mayan predictions of the end of the world through to Nostradamus. However, it is true that the wider universe has a quite few tricks up its collective sleeve to wipe us from the map, so … Continue reading

India Heatwave Proof of Global Warming or Apocalyptic End of the World?

The recent heatwave in India has so far killed at least 600 people, and as the heat does not seem to be easing up any, authorities are expecting that number to rise. Many are using the India heatwave as just another example of proof for theories like global warming or the apocalypse (end of the world). Though the rise in … Continue reading

Bacterial Apocalypse: One More End-of-the-World Scenario to Worry About

Every day there seems to be yet another doomsday scenario unleashed in the news headlines. While some enemies are easier to recognize, others are more subtle, but no less deadly. Those hidden enemies, both a threat to individuals as well as the world’s population, are known as deadly bacteria. Is it possible that the world could end not by bullets, … Continue reading

This apocalypse seed vault could one day be humanity’s last hope of survival

On the Svalbard island of Spitsbergen, off Norway’s northern coast, is a vault which provides the back-up to a network of seed banks around the world. It is the key to the survival of humans in the event of any disaster which would leave people exposed to contaminated, diseased or scarce food. Almost every country already has seed repositories or … Continue reading

Zombies, Nuclear War, Pandemic Virus: Can Society Recover From An Apocalypse?

North Korea is mad at us, the Iran nuclear deal might go sour, new diseases pop up every day, not to mention old ones like Ebola, there’s a megadrought in California, and honey bees are dying by the tens of thousands. So when the apocalypse finally does happen, how will society survive and what will it look like? A new … Continue reading

The Doomsday Librarian Preparing Our Reading for the Apocalypse

The average internet user who happens upon Survivor Library, a collection of about 7,000 books in PDF format that teach people how to rebuild civilization after the proverbial Collapse, may think it’s just another fear mongering, doomsday prepper site. “What happens AFTER the Solar Flare that destroys the electrical grid and all electronics?” asked the site’s About Us page. “AFTER the other 90% of the population has … Continue reading

2 college professors claim Earth’s magnetosphere is collapsing and 2014 is the end of the world
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