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Light from our closest star Alpha Centauri could reveal signs of alien life on its planets

The light coming from distant solar systems could reveal the existence of plants growing on other planets, according to astronomers. Scientists have found that the pigments in the leaves of plants and other photosynthetic organisms reflect coloured light in peculiar ways, producing a distinctive fingerprint. This means it may be possible to filter out other light coming from distant stars … Continue reading

China building world’s largest radio telescope: “Will search for intelligent life outside of Milky Way”

“Having a more sensitive telescope, we can receive weaker and more distant radio messages,” Wu Xiangping, director-general of the Chinese Astronomical Society, was reported as saying. “It will help us to search for intelligent life outside of the galaxy and explore the origins of the universe.” China has started assembling the world’s largest radio telescope, which will have a dish … Continue reading

Stephen Hawking: ‘Intelligent aliens could destroy humanity, but let’s search anyway’

This week, famed physicist Stephen Hawking helped launch a major new effort to search for signs of intelligent alien life in the cosmos, even though he thinks it’s likely that such creatures would try to destroy humanity. Since at least 2010, Hawking has spoken publicly about his fears that an advanced alien civilization would have no problem wiping out the … Continue reading

Philae shuts down after scientists discuss life on Comet 67P

On July 6th, two scientists at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, Wales, revealed evidence that the surface ice, hydrocarbon dust and other features on Comet 67P were caused by microbial organisms living under the surface of the comet. Just three days later, ground controllers suddenly announced that Philae – the probe on Comet 67P that had powered back up … Continue reading

Secret underground ‘Reptilian’ cities?

How a lawyer defends each case, is how I present ‘each video.’ When the invaders came, Cappadocians knew where to hide: underground, in one of the 250 subterranean safe havens they had carved from pliable volcanic ash rock called tuff. The biggest hiding place ever found in Cappadocia, a region of central Turkey famous for the otherworldly chimney houses, cave … Continue reading

Pluto, Charon may harbor life

April, we speculated about the possibility of extraterrestrial life underneath the dwarf planet Pluto’s icy surface. As the New Horizons mission closes in, the prospect of microbial life on Pluto—and its largest satellite, Charon—seems increasingly plausible. Why? Because we’ve discovered that both bodies have the key ingredients that have made the possibility of life seem so strong on Europa and … Continue reading

5-billion-year-old signal detected from deep space as part of Australian satellite project

A satellite project based in a remote part of Australia has picked up an ancient signal that sprung from deep space. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has established the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) – a group of 36 satellite dishes located 300km inland from the west-coast town of Geraldton – which has been created to … Continue reading

There might be alien life on this particular comet

Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko, studied in detail by the European Space Agency Rosetta and Philae spacecraft since September 2014, is a body with distinct and unexpected features. Now two astronomers have a radical explanation for its properties – micro-organisms that shape cometary activity. Dr Max Wallis of the University of Cardiff set out their ideas today (Monday 6 July) at the National … Continue reading

New pyramid found on Mars joins a growing list

A photo taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover in May 2015 shows what appears to be a small pyramid on the planet’s surface. This isn’t the first pyramid found on Mars and it joins a growing list of pyramids found on other astral bodies besides Earth. Are they somehow connected to our own pyramids? The photo was taken at location … Continue reading

The dominant intelligence in the Universe may be non-biological, artificial intelligence

Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute, and author of Confessions of an Alien Hunter: A Scientist’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: “Once a society creates the technology that could put them in touch with the cosmos, they are only a few hundred years away from changing their paradigm from biology to artificial intelligence.” The idea is based on the so-called “time … Continue reading

Giant pyramid on Ceres and TR-3 Black Manta secret spy plane on the moon

NASA continues to play coy with what those bright lights on the dwarf planet Ceres could be, but the latest batch of new photos from the Dawn spacecraft may have given us something more interesting to ponder … a structure that appears to be a nearly-four-mile high pyramid. Meanwhile, a photo of the Moon’s surface taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance … Continue reading

Astronomer Royal: If we find aliens, they will be machines

Alien contact is likely to come from machines living on other worlds outside of the solar system, the astronomer royal Martin Rees has said. Prof Lord Rees, 72, told the Cheltenham Science Festival ‘I’m not holding my breath’ for signs of extraterrestrial life, but said if a signal was picked up it would not be from organic life, like humans. … Continue reading

NASA is confident about finding life on Europa in its next mission

NASA has given details on how it hopes to find life on Jupiter’s moon Europa in a mission launching in the 2020s that will seek to determine if the satellite is habitable. It is thought that beneath Europa’s icy surface there is an ocean sitting on a rocky bed punctured by hydrothermal vents that could circulate heat and nutrients. “After … Continue reading

Small Human and Prehistoric Creatures Spotted on Mars

While the debate rages on in the U.S. over whether humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the same time, there’s no such argument on Mars if you believe the latest photos taken by a Mars rover showing a small human figure and what appears to be a Martian version of the popular prehistoric Earth creature, the Trilobite. The figure … Continue reading

Is This Extraterrestrial? Earth Receives Strange “Radio Bursts” From Space

Strange radio wave flashes from far outside of our Milky Way galaxy (or in it) have scientists completely confused. Since 2001, telescopes have been picking up on what are referred to as fast radio bursts (FRBs). Only a total of ten have ever been detected, with the most recent one occurring just a few months ago. The bursts last just … Continue reading

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