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The Destroyer / Pole Shift Part 1


A distant planet may lurk far beyond Neptune

Out beyond Neptune, the solar system resembles the deep ocean: dark, remote and largely unexplored. To an Earth-bound observer, even the brightest objects, such as Pluto, are 4,000 times as faint as what the human eye can see. An undiscovered planet could easily lurk out there unnoticed, a possible fossil from a time when the giant planets jockeyed for position … Continue reading

Bob Fletcher radio interview discussing Planet X

The Light of Day Radio Show – 10/13/2014 [download]

2014 Changes in Solar Position

An update on the sun position. For the first time since the significant axis shift in 2004 which we’ve been tracking since 2006, the 2014 summer solstice measurements on June 21, 2014 have shown another increase of the sun position to the north. Where it was setting about 10:00 to the north on a clock face. It is now about … Continue reading

James McCanney: Moon landings, Planet X, Comets, Noah’s flood & more

Audio (July 17th)

Giant planet around dwarf star a surprising discovery

A gigantic planet-like object like no other has been found circling a tiny star at a record distance. The object is a kind of “super Jupiter” – a gas giant about 10 times bigger than the biggest planet in our solar system, says Marie-Eve Naud, a PhD student at the University of Montreal and lead author of a scientific report describing the planet. The study … Continue reading

Search for Potential ‘Planet X’ Far From Over

The hunt for the hypothetical “Planet X” has been fruitless so far, but that doesn’t mean astronomers are calling it off. A new analysis of data collected by NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) spacecraft revealed no sign of the mysterious Planet X hypothesized to exist in the outer solar system. But scientists are keeping up the search for a … Continue reading

New Dwarf Planet Found at Solar System’s Edge, Hints at Possible Faraway ‘Planet X’

Astronomers have found a new dwarf planet far beyond Pluto’s orbit, suggesting that this distant realm contains millions of undiscovered objects — including, perhaps, a world larger than Earth. The newfound celestial body, called 2012 VP113, joins the dwarf planet Sedna as a confirmed resident of a far-flung and largely unexplored region scientists call the “inner Oort Cloud.” Further, 2012 … Continue reading

Planet X myth debunked

Washington (AFP) – It was an elusive planet that for 200 years appeared to explain Uranus’s wobbly orbit. And there was the sister sun theorized to be near our solar system that caused asteroids to swerve toward Earth. There is just one problem: neither “Planet X” nor “Nemesis” ever existed, researchers now say. Or probably not. “The outer solar system … Continue reading

What’s in the Sacramento sky? Planet X/Nibiru? It’s not the moon!
Changing Skies, Large Ball Of Energy Approaching Earth Pt. 2

Changing Skies, Large Ball Of Energy Approaching Earth Pt. 2

Ball of Energy Approaching Earth from the South


Giant Object Enters Earth’s Atmosphere


Large Object Strikes the Sun


Massive tail of Planet X leaves red dust all over Texas. Pole shift now at the door.


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