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East Antarctica is sliding sideways

It’s official: East Antarctica is pushing West Antarctica around. Now that West Antarctica is losing weight–that is, billions of tons of ice per year–its softer mantle rock is being nudged westward by the harder mantle beneath East Antarctica. The discovery comes from researchers led by The Ohio State University, who have recorded GPS measurements that show West Antarctic bedrock is … Continue reading

Kilauea Volcano threatens entire Pacific Rim

It is unlikely that you know the full gravity of the situation regarding Kilauea. This is likely to be the most active volcano in the world and if on dry land would be one of the world’s tallest mountains. The current eruption began in 1983 and the resultant lava has created a huge shelf and bulge on the SE slope … Continue reading

Enormous earthquakes ‘are missing’ from records

The Earth could have been struck by many more huge earthquakes in its recent history than was previously thought, scientists say. Research suggests that half of all quakes measuring more than 8.5 in magnitude that hit in the 19th Century are missing from records. Scientists are scanning historical documents for the lost tremors. The findings are presented at the American … Continue reading

‘Imagine America Without Los Angeles’: Expert Warns Southern California Isn’t Ready For Major Quake

LOS ANGELES ( — A leading earthquake expert has issued a dire warning to Californians about the expected impact of a major disruption to the San Andreas fault line. The title of Dr. Lucy Jones’ lecture this week to the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco was titled “Imagine America without Los Angeles.” As KCAL9′s Dave Bryan reports, Jones, a … Continue reading

Global map to predict giant earthquakes

A team of international researchers, led by Monash University’s Associate Professor Wouter Schellart, have developed a new global map of subduction zones, illustrating which ones are predicted to be capable of generating giant earthquakes and which ones are not. The new research, published in the journal Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, comes nine years after the giant earthquake … Continue reading

Yellowstone super volcano eruption ‘would affect the world’ as scientists discover it is even bigger than they thought

The cavern of molten rock in the super volcano lurking underneath Yellowstone is even bigger that scientists had thought.  A study measuring earthquake activity around the 3,468 sq mile national park revealed that the magma chamber was 2.5 times bigger than previous estimates.  Stretching 55 miles across and 30 miles wide, and reaching depths of up to 9 miles, any … Continue reading

2013: Year of the Sinkhole in U.S.

By Francys Vallecillo | December 11, 2013 9:26 AM ET While the number of natural disasters affecting U.S. property owners was lower than expected in 2013, an unusually high amount of sinkhole activity captured media attention and raised awareness for risks related to this often-overlooked hazard. Three separate sinkhole catastrophes occurred in Florida in 2013, which may be the sinkhole … Continue reading

Turkey warned of potential eruption hazards from 14 active volcanoes

December 7, 2013 – TURKEY – Turkey is facing potential eruption hazard from 14 active volcanoes. Armenpress reports quoting the Turkish Haberler news website, that the population of the country has been warned about the danger by the Turkish volcano experts. According to them, the data of only one volcano out of 14 active ones has been monitored and collected. … Continue reading

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