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Up to 100,000 Dead Fish in Nevada Marina Mystery

State wildlife officials are trying to figure out why all the fish have died in a northern Nevada marina where the stocked fishery has flourished since the man-made lake was created nearly 15 years ago. As many as 100,000 trout, bass and catfish have died over the past month in the Sparks Marina along U.S. Interstate 80 east of Reno, … Continue reading

Asteroid Threat Cutting Through Red Tape To Save The World

Asteroid Threat Cutting Through Red Tape To Save The World

West Virginia chemical spill: Gov says tests are ‘encouraging,’ gives no timetable for water use

As hundreds of thousands of people in West Virginia begin their fifth day without clean tap water following a chemical spill, frustrations are mounting. Most visitors have cleared out of Charleston while locals are either staying home or driving out of the area to find somewhere they can get a hot meal or a shower. Meanwhile, business owners with empty … Continue reading

Fukushima Update: The Nuclear Disaster That Won’t Go Away

When was the last time you heard an update about the Fukushima nuclear disaster on the evening news? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You might take the silence to mean that everything’s fine, but it’s not. In fact, if the little blips and pieces of news coming out of Japan are any indication, things are far from fine, and are … Continue reading

Nurse Speaks Out On Mandatory Flu Shot Vaccines

I can get really heated over the issue of mandatory vaccines. And this issue is becoming a greater menace as nurses are being bullied into taking yearly flu shots! I left the profession a year ago before things became weird. I declined the flu shot for most of my 22 years of nursing practice and what I’m learning about the … Continue reading

Thyroid cancer rates on the rise in Japanese children, experts warn residents to evacuate

(NaturalNews) When Japanese Professor Toshihide Tsuda of Okayama University sat down with leaders from the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, talk about citywide evacuation near the Fukushima nuclear breakdown site began. Deeply concerned about rising thyroid cancer rates in Japanese children, these leaders believe that it’s time to evacuate the city of Koriyama. When the two spoke to Japanese government … Continue reading

Fukushima Meltdowns: Global Denial At Work

Does anyone in authority anywhere tell the truth about Fukushima?  If there is any government or non-government authority in the world that is addressing the disaster at Fukushima openly, directly, honestly, and effectively, it’s not apparent to the outside observer what entity that might be. There is instead an apparent global conspiracy of authorities of all sorts to deny to … Continue reading

Roscoe Bartlett: The Congressman Who Went Off the Grid

When Roscoe Bartlett was in Congress, he latched onto a particularly apocalyptic issue, one almost no one else ever seemed to talk about: America’s dangerously vulnerable power grid. In speech after late-night speech on the House floor, Bartlett hectored the nearly empty chamber: If the United States doesn’t do something to protect the grid, and soon, a terrorist or an … Continue reading



UFOs/Aliens are Demons

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Dogs poop in line with the Earth’s magnetic field: study

Berlin:  Dogs align themselves with the Earth’s north-south axis before squatting to poop, a new study has found. Researchers from Czech University and the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany observed 70 dogs from 37 different breeds over the course of a two-year period. They found that dogs preferred to excrete when their body was aligned along the north-south axis under … Continue reading

Are Chemtrails The Most Ignored Conspiracy Of Our Time?

As the days go by and become weeks, months and even years, a large segment of humanity struggles with the reality of an ugly distant truth we must all reconcile, one that we are forced to behold sometimes on a daily basis. Yes, we are forced to look at the evidence of the chemical trails in our local skies, but … Continue reading

Plague of locusts invades Yemen, causing misery for farmers


Russian Experts: Fukushima pollution spreads all over Earth, clearly a large amount of fish, seaweeds, and everything in ocean has been polluted

Maxim Shingarkin, Deputy Chairman of Russia’s State Duma Committee for Natural Resources, Dec. 26, 2013: “Currents in the World Ocean are so structured that the areas of seafood capture near the US north-west coast are more likely to contain radioactive nuclides than even the Sea of Okhotsk which is much closer to Japan. These products are the main danger for … Continue reading

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