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Did Stephen Hawking change his tune on extraterrestrials?

The alien history of planet earth is deeper than we could ever imagine. Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has cautioned people that no one would want to meet extraterrestrial creatures. On Monday, however, Dr. Hawking tossed his support behind the $100-million Breakthrough Listen project of Russian tycoon Yuri Milner. This project plans to hunt space for signs of extraterrestrial life communication. Things like … Continue reading

What comes after Armageddon?

The worst-case scenario dramatization slash documentary After Armageddon aired January 5, 2010 on the History Channel as part of Armageddon Week. After Armageddon presented a picture of the breakdown of society after a worldwide pandemic flu. See Armageddon Week Starts January 3 on History Channel for more information. The dramatization was interspersed with expert opinion who presented step-by-step what could … Continue reading

Why are so many storing up for September 2015?

Have you noticed that there is a tremendous amount of Internet buzz about the month of September 2015?  Never before have I seen so much speculation about what would happen in one particular month.  Some people believe that we will see an economic collapse next month, others believe that there will be some sort of historic natural disaster, and others … Continue reading

The Crimean pyramids: Built before dinosaurs roamed the earth?!

There are megalithic constructions and pyramids located on the Peninsula of Crimea. Signs of many different cultures and ancient civilizations can be found here. Crimea is located at the northern coast of the Black Sea. It is an autonomous republic of Ukraine. The pyramids were discovered by Vitalij Gokh in 1999. According to him, many structures are buried under the … Continue reading

Strategic Relocation: North American Guide to Safe Places (full-length feature film)

Alex Jones, founder of alternative news networks Infowars and Prison Planet, presents a full-length documentary/presentation with Joel Skousen, author of Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places and The Secure Home, to discuss the long-term threats facing Americans and how to relocate for safety and security. Joel and Alex examine the information within Strategic Relocation including the effects of … Continue reading

UFOs at Reunion Island where possible MH370 wreckage found

The media this week trumpeted the discovery of debris from a Boeing 777 that is possibly the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The place where the debris was found is the remote Indian Ocean island of Reunion, which is also the location of Piton de la Fournaise (“Peak of the Furnace” in French), one of the most active volcanoes in … Continue reading

Has UFO disclosure already happened?

Disclosure. It’s the word which entered the vocabulary of UFOlogy’s discourse in the late ’90s, and like an insidious Trojan Horse it completely hijacked the field’s policies and public strategies ever since. To be fair, the concept is almost as old as the study of UFOs itself, and since the 50s we’ve had prominent spokespersons demanding the powers that be … Continue reading

20 μSv/h still detected in Fukushima city

On 4/23/2015, a citizen’s group detected 20.1 μSv/h in Fukushima city. It was in the river area of Abukuma-gawa river, where is open for everyone as a park. It was over scale of the dosimeter tested by Ministry of the Environment so the radiation level was confirmed by scintillation survey meter TCS-172B. From their record, the radiation level was over 0.5 μSv/h … Continue reading

Bright green fireball lights up night sky but is it a UFO or meteor?

A strange phenomena turned the sky green as it shot through the air, caught in this footage. What may have been a meteor was seen for several minutes as it flew overhead in Buenes Aires. But some observers say the green hue it gave the sky was otherworldly and could have been a UFO. One witness said it was a … Continue reading

All of Saul Alinsky’s ‘8 Levels of Control’ are now operating in America

Saul Alinsky died in 1972, but his writings influenced those in political control of our nation today. Recall that Hillary Clinton did her college thesis on his writings and Obama wrote about him in his books. Died: June 12, 1972, Carmel-by-the-Sea, California Education: University of Chicago Spouse: Irene Alinsky Books: Rules for Radicals, Reveille for Radicals Anyone out there think … Continue reading

Pay it forward: Let your light shine in this dark, dark world

By Guest Writer David Hines aka Doomsday Dave (bio and articles | forum) With all of the negativity about doomsday, I wanted to start off with a nice story. A couple days ago, I was out with my boy, teaching him how to drive. It was hot and clammy, so we decided to stop at a fast food restaurant for … Continue reading

Mysterious loud noise may be from new plasma weapon

Weapons have always had some sort of loud noises associated with them: cannons blast, guns fire, bombs explode, planes create sonic booms. In those cases, the noise was the aftereffect. A new weapon being developed uses noise as the actual effect. Will the next military marching song be about a little ear-drummer boy? The weapon is called the Laser-Induced Plasma … Continue reading

UFO fleet over Osaka is the latest cluster sighting

A video from Osaka, Japan, shows what appears to be 10 orb-shaped UFOs hovering in formation over the city. This follows other smaller cluster sightings in Osaka and more recently in London. Why are UFOs suddenly gathering in groups? The video of the orbs over Osaka was uploaded on July 27th, 2015, but no indication was given as to when … Continue reading

‘Anonymous’ group transmits message about World War 3

Martial law is right around the corner. Do the Police wear tool belts designed TO HURT YOU? Agenda 21: Jade Helm 15: FEMA coffin liners. The economy is collapsing – Are you living under a rock? What’s Anonymous? These are both good questions! What is Anonymous? Answer: Anonymous is a group of hacktivists that work in force to accomplish our … Continue reading

Allen B. West: What Congress is about to pass could shut down my website

We’ve recently brought to your attention two instances of nebulous language: the comments of retired General Wesley Clark about putting extremists in internment camps, and the new order making parts of our immigration naturalization oath optional for certain “religious” groups. Words have meaning, and when they’re not specific, they’re left to interpretation. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has demonstrated such by … Continue reading

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