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Was Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti buried behind secret doorways?

An English archaeologist claims Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti may be buried behind bricked-up passageways in King Tutankhamun’s tomb. The final resting place of Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti may lie beyond two hidden doorways inside the tomb of King Tutankhamun. English archaeologist Dr Nicholas Reeves, from the University of Arizona, claims to have uncovered evidence of bricked-up passageways which could lead to Nefertiti’s … Continue reading

Time travel is real? Best teleportation cases to date, caught on tape

What are you about to see is the best evidence of supposedly real teleportation or time travel cases yet. I present to you some of the greatest videos of eerie cases that might involve teleportation or time travel. Are these optical illusions, or could they be much more? You decide. Source

Want to know what a real UFO looks like? These 7 astonishing photos will give you an idea

For somebody who has never seen a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), it can be hard to imagine what they look like. Reports of incidents from the military are quite detailed, and if one thing is absolutely clear, it’s that the UFO phenomenon is global and has included many military encounters. Personally, I’ve had multiple UFO experiences, some of which have … Continue reading

Shocking: National Park disappearances coordinate with Deep Underground Military Bases

David Paulides is a retired cop who found out through a conversation with a national park employee that there are a multitude of unexplainable disappearances in U.S. national parks. The park employee explained how there seems to be a bit of a cover-up, and this led David Paulides to compile a database on what he deemed high strange disappearances in … Continue reading

Are there ancient pyramids in Antarctica?

Scientists believe that pyramids exist in Antarctica. These are most likely located underneath the ice. Even though Antarctica is remote and one of the coldest places in the world, people still take cruises to see and visit it. Because it is an uninhabitable place for human beings, everything from food to clothes have to be shipped in. A team of European … Continue reading

UFOs visit storms in Moscow, Illinois and Delaware

Besides volcanoes and nuclear power plants, other places UFOs seem to be attracted to are storms, especially lightning storms. While the usual “ball lightning” and “sprites” reasoning may explain some, others sightings are not so easily dismissed. What are UFOs doing in these lightning storms? Perhaps these recent sightings in Moscow, Illinois and Delaware will shed some new light on … Continue reading

Underwater ‘Stonehenge’ monolith found off coast of Sicily

Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious Stonehenge-style monolith in the deep sea off the coast of Sicily, shedding new light on the earliest civilizations in the Mediterranean basin. Broken in two parts, the 3.2-foot-long monolith has a rather regular shape and features three holes of similar diameter. One, which can be found at its end, crosses it completely from part to … Continue reading

UFO chases cow on farm in Chile

Do cows let each other know about alien cattle mutilations and abductions? It sure looks that way in a new video from Chile showing a UFO checking out a farm when a cow suddenly rushes by heading for the barn. Can animals sense UFOs like they sense earthquakes? The video is reported to have come from a surveillance camera on … Continue reading

Funtenna uses sound waves, radio to hack ‘Internet of Things’

A new hacking technique that uses sound and radio waves can siphon data from devices even without internet access. Showcased at the Black Hat security summit in Las Vegas, the ‘Funtenna’ hack has the potential to unravel the Internet of Things. By uploading a malicious program to a device, the hackers can vibrate the physical prongs on general-purpose input/output circuits … Continue reading

The 27 events for September & October 2015 that show something big is coming

A very interesting compilation (video below) of upcoming events all surrounding the months of September and October 2015, sent to videographer FaceLikeTheSun by “Seal Man,” and all of which, when seen together indicate something big is about happen. ONE: Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, a leading Israeli Rabbi, asserts “the coming of the Messiah is imminent,” to fall “at the end of the … Continue reading

The 9/11 whistle-blower everyone will soon know

The geopolitical sphere of our world has been undergoing dramatic changes on every front for the past several years. In the past 2 years alone specifically, we’ve seen alliances broken, alliance made and the propaganda intensify. Reading any mainstream media reports over that time has shown us a different picture of what has really been taking place. Even most alternative … Continue reading

‘Mark of the Beast’ to be introduced via one last grand manipulation

SkyWatch TV is joined by author and researcher Steve Quayle who talks about the “one last grand manipulation” on the horizon. Not only is Quayle and excellent author, but he has over three decades of experience in the precious metals industry with Renaissance Precious Metals and he breaks down what investors are seeing in the “contrived and controlled” metals industry and … Continue reading

Preppers being targeted: Feds charge 3 NC men with prepping for martial law

The only thing they did wrong was making explosive devices. Walter Eugene Litteral, 50, Cristopher James Barker, 41, and Cristopher Todd Campbell, 30, are accused of stockpiling guns and ammunition, as well as attempting to manufacture pipe bombs and live grenades from military surplus “dummy” grenades, according unsealed criminal complaints released Monday. Source

Superbug forecast: Infections will increase in the U.S.

Infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria are projected to increase in the United States if no action is taken soon, but a national effort could prevent more than half a million infections in five years, a new study finds. In 2011, there were 310,000 cases of infection in the United States from four types of nasty bacteria that are usually acquired … Continue reading

Another Fukushima worker dies after leaving frozen wall area, ’cause of death is not identified’

On 8/3/2015, Tepco reported that another Fukushima worker died two days before. The worker was a male in his 30s. He worked from 6am to 9am for the frozen water wall project on 8/1/2015. On the way home, he stopped at “J-village” for ill health. He was immediately sent to the hospital but confirmed to be dead around 1:00pm. Tepco … Continue reading

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