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Were the moon landings faked?

David Meade
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Many people believe that the Pentagon utilized a filmmaker to produce the special effects of the Apollo 11 moon landing. It is odd that the flag flies in the wind (there is no wind) and also that there are no stars (what happened to them)?

I am neutral on this topic but I’d like to provide evidence from both sides. Above the earth, we have two radiation zones, named after a man called Van Allen. There are fast-moving particles in these belts. They are trapped by the Earth’s magnetism. They exist in the magnetosphere. The inner, very intense belt, extends from 600 miles to just above 3,600 miles above the surface of the earth. The outer belt begins at 9,300 miles and extends to over 15,000 miles.

Guess what? Without nuclear protection, it appears that a biologic life form (such as a human) cannot pass through these belts. That is, of course, unless there are six feet of lead to shield from the radiation. The Apollo spacecraft had no such shielding. Is this the most simple way to prove that no missions went through the Van Allen Belt?

It is a fact that no manned space flight, except for the supposed Apollo missions, has ever been higher than 400 miles above the Earth’s surface. At that altitude the effects of the Van Allen Belts already produce illusions such as shooting stars, when there are none.

My mother, even in the 1960s, didn’t believe the moon landing ever took place. She was a skeptic. Many people are.

In all fairness to NASA, let’s look at their response to my question:

Question: Some people believe that the Apollo moon landings were a hoax because astronauts would have been instantly killed in the radiation belts. According to the US Occupation Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) a lethal radiation dosage is 300 Rads in one hour. What is your answer to the ‘moon landing hoax’ believers?

NASA: According to radiation dosimeters carried by Apollo astronauts, their total dosage for the entire trip to the moon and return was not more than 2 Rads over 6 days.

The total dosage for the trip is only 11.4 Rads in 52.8 minutes. Because 52.8 minutes is equal to 0.88 hours, his is equal to a dosage of 11.4 Rads / 0.88 hours = 13 Rads in one hour, which is well below the 300 Rads in one hour that is considered to be lethal.

Also, this radiation exposure would be for an astronaut outside the spacecraft during the transit through the belts. The radiation shielding inside the spacecraft cuts down the 13 Rads/hour exposure so that it is completely harmless.

As Kevin Costner said in the film JFK, and I’m paraphrasing, “With modern physics theory you can hang an elephant upside down over a cliff with his tail attached to a daisy – but let’s use common sense.” He was using this analogy to refer to the “magic bullet” theory, which is beyond a doubt a falsehood. Whom do you believe?

Is this world controlled by sociopaths who have no concern for the truth? That’s the bottom-line question. Have we been subject to a series of lies ever since the 1960s? That’s what Eisenhower warned us about. You need to really exercise critical thought and discernment–about everything you experience. Alice in Wonderland is all around us. Every decade contains a new series of deceit and lies. The bottom line is that when you begin to investigate Planet X it leads you down at least 15 different paths–the Rabbit Hole. Follow the clues–it is fascinating. People believe whatever comes on over NBC is gospel–but when you check it, it makes no sense at all.

The latest lies are the campaign to stop Donald Trump, so called “Russiagate” and other mass media lies–it’s now finally out (I wrote about this over a year ago) that they originated as a British operation–British intelligence agent Christopher Steele and his Obama assets. They are now collapsing. Many of them will wind up in prison. As the Bible states, “Be sure your sin will find you out.” No one is exempt from exposure.

The mainstream press attacks those who know and are willing to publish that which is counter to their global thinking. That’s the reason they’ve published so much “fake news” about Donald Trump and “fake news” about David Meade as well. The only former President in our generation who was like Donald Trump was the movie star Reagan and notice whom he appointed to a top position who was a key member of the Trilateral Commission. He did that to stay safe.

My stepfather took the JFK autopsy photos. I know everything. I’ve written only about 5% of it. Research Operation 40, JFK. Operation 40 is mainly assembled from Cuban exiles. The main question is: who profited from it and who approved it? The answer is in my book. My book is all-inclusive–it covers everything–the entire Rabbit Hole, start to finish.

Read my book The End of Days – Planet X & Beyond to understand the Book of Revelation as well. It is upon us now. What is the meaning of life? You won’t find it on TV. You will find it in intelligent research. That’s why I have put my Treatment for a Reality TV Show on TV Writers Vault. The pitch is also on my website under the subsection Reality TV Pitch. You know, I enjoy, for example, Shark Tank, another reality show, as much as anyone–but it’s only about money. The rest are the same–very restricted topics. My TV Pitch is about the highest concept issues in existence. If handled properly, it has no equal on the market.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” -George Orwell

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