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Planet X, the Apocalypse and breaking open the unconscious mind

Christian deBlanc
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This title is meant to be suggestive of the process that is being wrought on the Earth (and in the larger solar system as we speak). Planet X, Nibiru, Nemesis, the Stellar Cores so dubbed by Dr. Claudia Albers, are helping to break open the unconscious mind.

Part of what we are being shown through the prism of Planet X News is the plasma or plasmic energy exchange going on between the Stellar Cores and the sun, which is demonstrated in the above-linked video by Dr. Claudia Albers. Understanding plasma as the 4th-state of matter is meant to give us a metaphorical bridge and a conceptual window toward seeing and understanding our own human energy field.

My conjecture and, indeed, my own assertion is that the knowledge of the human energy field and the spiritual aspect of man is kept locked away in our collective unconscious, as termed by Dr. Carl Jung, because its consequences are societally threatening to us, much like knowledge of extraterrestrial UFOs.

However, it is imperative that we get a grip on the reality of the Planet X system, as well as the geoengineering efforts that are employed daily on a nearly worldwide scale in order to block the system’s stellar cores and second sun.

Keep in mind that my own unconscious has been warning me of a pole shift since 2001 when I read the book, Awakening to Zero Point by Gregg Braden.  The Harvest is at hand.

Now, for many, the fear of this upcoming event and the certainty with which it is kept and maintained fertile in the unconscious mind is staggering to such a degree that it is buried deep by the conscious ego so that the ego can go on dealing with day-to-day reality without having to face the darker truth. Of course, the world itself is hiding so many dark truths about child torture and sacrifice and genocide being done by a shadowy global elite aligned in a tyrannical cabal that is parasitical.

On a more individual level, the unconscious is calling us to the reality of our past and future lives. Much like taking a final exam in high school or college, as we prepare for graduation, we have time to reflect on both the past and future. The future New Earth 4th density (of light, according to The Law of One) will be a place where higher octaves of experience are possible because more of our potential will be accessed. Most of our potential remains dormant or unconscious here and now. Just as most of DNA is labeled junk DNA in the here and now; but, here and now, we have the opportunity to activate.

These triggers or catalysts are helping Planet Earth quicken our own vibration to the galactic two-step that is heating up all the planets on the solar system as well as forming a hexagonal vortex on Saturn. We are going through a rebirth experience and the “outer garment of Earth” is going through some profound changes.

Our galactic family has never left us and neither has the Infinite Creator that is All and is in All left us. Unfortunately, some of our galactic family has treated us like Cinderella and others have treated us worse than any fairy tale and much like straight up abusive slavery; but, that is all ending right now.

The global elite money powers and the military-industrial-complex and the pharmacological industrial complex behind the news organizations and the governments is scared. They are behind schedule in creating their one-world-government with two classes. The Middle Class, against all odds, is still here. America is still the New Atlantis harboring both the good and bad aspects. We have the potential now. The potential to create both peace and war, which is what we see in North Korea and Syria, respectively, peace on the Korean peninsula and war in the Middle East.

We are engineering the weather as a weapon and as a means to shield the reality of Planet X awakening from occurring. We are keeping UFO knowledge out of the public eye but putting tens of alien takeover shows on Netflix to keep the populace scared and entranced. That way the ego can continue to bury Planet X and our galactic family heritage from surfacing. Star Wars Rogue 1 is a good example of giving us our history scrambled up. They have a female character named Lyra and she dies. She is our ancestral mother in the show, which is an accurate archetypal portrayal of the constellation Lyra’s role as the cradle of humanity.

The truth surrounding Sirius and Orion is more relevant. Sirius is the former home of the Planet X system, according to Sasha Alex Lessin, PhD and author Wes Penre:

The Lyrans told the Nibirans how to tap energy from Nibiru’s core to get heat when Sirius C would explode and shoot Nibiru far from Sirius Cs’ warmth. But before Siruius C went nova Nibirans fought and won a war against their Lyran mentors.

Before Nemesis exploded, the Nibirans moved underground. They heated themselves with energy within Nibiru’s core as they traveled through space. One day they knew they could make an artificial atmosphere cover above Nibiru with gold as a component and return to the surface. Gold spread in the atmosphere would bounce back to heat Nibiru’s surface so people could again live on instead of inside Nibiru.

When Sirius did explode, “Nibiru was catapulted out of its orbit with such force that it lost connection with the gravity of the Sirius solar system and aimed for deep space.” Nibiru, the ‘Red Planet’ with its 11 satellites was drawn into our own young solar system, 8.6 light years from Sirius by gravity from Neptune.”

Here is a YouTube video pointing out that Planet X is, indeed, behind Neptune. Of course, I don’t believe Planet X will soon collide with Earth.

What it is doing is helping to trigger the shift out of left-brain dominance and control-over-others patriarchy into right-hemispheric unity consciousness. However, most of us have buried our own egos deep into our own stomachs.  As Blake said, “Golgonooza is the stomach in every man.” Our guts are our second brains, to be sure. And, the gut certainly has neurons, just as the heart does. There’s a reason that Scientific American said our gut has “a second brain.”

Our heart has neurons, too, and it generates a bigger electromagnetic field than does the brain. The goal is to raise conscious awareness through breathing rhythmically and relaxation to activate gut and heart. The gut and heart are the third and fourth chakra points of Indian metaphysics, respectively. We have chosen to return to the sacral chakra point of awareness at the level of our pelvis. This is what I mean by burying the conscious mind deep in the unconscious where Freudian sexual drives blend with Jungian drives to know thyself. What comes out then is confusion regarding identity and sexuality, which is just what you see expressing itself amongst the latest generation—gender confusion and identity politics instead of unity consciousness & heart-centered awareness.

Only anger can drive the unconscious identity and sexuality confusion out of sacral chakra awareness and back up to the 3rd dimension or density, which is our proper baseline awareness level. It’s not about hating oneself or hating others, just as it is not about loving oneself in the physical or sexual sense, but rather in the spiritual sense, we must see ourselves as vibrating shards of light trying to come together in a perfect crystal.

This crystalline awareness will perfectly portray whatever contents are residing in the unconscious such that we will see the holographic reflection of our own consciousness. Thus, we will see our own abandoned, scared inner child in the deep recesses of the pelvis. We will bring him back to heart-centered awareness, our own bosoms, as it were, and thus we will finally get our proper awareness level of mind-body-Spirit.

Facing our fears and, indeed, all of our buried, sublimated drives for wholeness is our responsibility, far more imperative is it for us to face our own inner child and release our fear-of-death complex than to act upon a survival-mode impulse born from the Reptilian brain.

The Reptilian brain rules the root chakra at the bottom of the spine where the adrenal glands dictate the four Fs of fight, flight, feed and fornicate. This is our greatest adversary, as our own inner child is quite ashamed of how scared he or she got through over-active adrenaline production. The fight or flight reflex is the horse that we must ride, but both hemispheres must be synchronized and our gut-heart-brain connection must be synchronized as well our we will not be able to rescue our own inner child.

Graduation to 4th density new Earth requires our whole conscious participation. It is active love and kindness born from the giving heart. We cannot give unless we already have an abundance of love and it must be generated spontaneously by the body’s natural hormonal system of rewarding proper behavior. The Lords of our Karma rule. We have our debts to pay. Saturn’s rings are the home of the Council of Saturn.

As Saturn continues its retrograde motion along with Jupiter and Pluto, we must find inner tranquility amidst the breakdown of former authority figures and authoritative institutions, like the Church. Of course, the governments and the banking institutions are more culpable. They have collectively taken the power away from the Church, who at least had a great many devoted adherents to the notion of salvation being wrought by grace and not by good works.

Indeed, grace is a state of mind that we enter into. Our inner child becomes our spirit guide to the higher Self, who is beyond space and time. This higher Self will guide us home.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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