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Chakra blockage and the seven seals of Revelation

Christian deBlanc
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Chakras are whirling vortices of light that serve to channel bio-plasma (prana or chi) and bio-photons between the Earth’s electromagnetic energy field, our human electromagnetic energy field and the human body. The term chakra is Sanskrit in origin and it means “spinning wheel.” Of course, these seven wheels are all connected to the “astral spine,” which is a “tube of light.” This tube connects the chakras and serves to channel light and heat up from the base of spine to the crown of the head. Different philosophical approaches suggest that the light comes down from Heaven into the crown of the head and descends to the Earth, which means that our goal as light workers is to channel the new vibrations of light to Earth. Ra says that we must also take energy from the Earth as pure electrons, ionize them and channel them upward to the crown chakra.

Either way, the chakras correspond with the major nerve plexus centers. Here is a short discussion of the process of channeling sacred energy from the “Yogic Encyclopedia,” which is linked right here:

As this energy enters the body, it travels down the astral spine and is dispersed into the body from six centers, or chakras, located along the astral spine. This subtle spine can be visualized as a tube of light running centrally through the body from the base of the spine to the brain. The central nervous system is the physical expression of the astral spine and, interestingly, has major centers near the areas of each of the chakras, where groups of nerves branch out from the spinal cord.

The chakras correspond to the seven colors of the vibratory spectrum of light and also correspond with greater and lower levels of consciousness, respectively. The root chakra is depicted red with four petals and it is located at the bottom of the spine, where the tail bone is. The root chakra is associated with survival and reproduction. Its element is Earth and it is the chakra that ultimately connects us to the Earth. The root chakra is governed by instinctive drives.

The sacral chakra is associated with the sacral vertebrae of the spine and the pelvic region of the body and it corresponds to the element water and the passions for intimacy and sexuality.

The solar plexus chakra is associated with the stomach and pancreas. Its element is the sacred fire. It corresponds with the desire to carve out an identity using the mind.

The heart chakra is associated with air and the thymus gland. Its goal is to unite us with everyone else that is breathing and alive.

The throat chakra is associated with the ether and the thyroid gland. Its goal is to facilitate honest communication.

The third eye chakra is associated with the pituitary gland and its goal is unified vision.

The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland and its goal is the liberation of the mind into a multi-dimensional reality.

Here’s a list of the Sanskrit names and definitions of the chakras:

The Seven Chakras

  1. The muladhara chakra is at the base of the spine. It represents the positive qualities of perseverance and loyalty, as well as stubbornness and attachment.
  2. The swadisthana chakra is about an inch above the first chakra. It represents creativity and sexuality.
  3. The manipura chakra is behind the navel. It represents self-control in it’s positive aspect and aggression in it’s negative
  4. The anahata chakra is at the heart area. It represents feeling and emotion.
  5. The bishuddha (or vishuddha) chakra is in the throat and represents calmness.
  6. The highest chakra, the agya chakra, has two opposite ends. The negative end is at the base of the skull and represents the ego. The positive end is about an inch behind the point where the eyebrows meet. Bringing energy to this point brings enlightenment.
  7. The sahasrara chakra, or crown chakra, is at the top of the head and represents complete liberation.

My goal in writing this article is to connect the Seven Seals of Revelation with the seven chakras so we can see. I want us to see that the Earth is a mer-ka-bah of counter-rotating energy fields. We are also mer-ka-bahs of counter-rotating tetrahedral fields of energy. As the fields begin to rotate faster, temperature increases and consciousness increases its vibration to become unified with higher intensities of light. Our DNA is also being affected by this increase in the overall vibration of the Earth, which is called Schumann Resonance.

As Ra has stated in the Law of One, Earth will become a 4th density positive planet and “the meek will inherit the Earth.” We will slowly become telepathic and committed to truth and goodness. Our chakra blockages are keeping us angry and locked into the lower density of Earth’s vibration and we feel separate and scared to death of each other.

Because of these complexes in our psyches and the blockages in our chakras, Earth is having a difficult time in her transition up from 3rd density to 4th. Now, the Earth herself has seven chakras, which are called the seven seals in the Book of Revelation. Before the Harvest occurs and the Earth is allowed to vibrate up to 4th density, these chakra blockages must be resolved both within us individually and within the energy body of the Earth.

Remember that the Star of David is a two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional super-imposition of two counter-rotating tetrahedral fields of electromagnetic energy. This is the sacred geometry that everything is made out of—it’s the blueprint for all living forms. Animals are moving up into 3rd density and we are moving up to 4th density when the graduation occurs, which is another name for the Harvest—Rapture.

Because so many people’s chakras are blocked up by repressed desire for power and repressed aggression, as the seven seals are opened, war, famine, genocide and oppression of the good believers are spoken of in Revelations. It’s also the case that the negative ones who have chosen the left-hand path back to the Creator need to demonstrate their service-to-Self as well as their service to their higher dimensional masters by enslaving us. Transhumanism and war and the global movement to say humanity is destroying the planet are the way this will occur.

However, those of us who seek to graduate to New Earth by becoming Service-to-Others must stay open in the heart chakra and find compassion for those who are angry about having been lied to and metaphysically enslaved for so long by the Illuminati.

We must remember that most blockages of the chakras occur either in childhood or in past lives and we need to meditate. Meditation and visualization of the chakras helps to activate them properly, as does chanting mantras.

Every chakra has a corresponding note on the scale and a mantra. All of these mantras sound like “Ohm” or “AUM”—the primal vibration. According to many, the top two chakras don’t really have proper mantras.  Some say to use “AUM” with the third eye and visualize white light or violet light for the Crown Chakra.

  • Root chakra—Red—“Lam”—C or C#
  • Sacral chakra—Orange—“Vam”—D or D#
  • Solar Plexus chakra—Yellow—“Ram”—E
  • Heart Chakra—Green—“Yam”—F or F#
  • Throat Chakra—Blue—“Ham”—G or G#
  • Third Eye Chakra—Indigo—“AUM”—A or A#
  • Crown Chakra—Violet—B

Remember that the right side of the body is masculine and controls the will aspect of the chakras, which is the back side on the spine. The left side of the body is feminine and controls the feeling aspect of the chakras, which is the front side. This information goes back to Sanskrit and Hindu philosophy, but it has been reiterated by Mrs. Barbara Brennan, who has worked with the human energy field for years.

Ideally, we will attract our sexual / sensual energy (and with it our desire for pleasure) up past the ego and up to the heart, where it will unify with our desire to know God within. This will open the higher chakras and channel the Kundalini energy up so that we create the Mer-ka-bah vehicle for ourselves to vibrate up to the 4th density of Earth. Use the right nostril for warm energy when breathing and use the left for cooling energy. Conscious breathing is the best and quickest way to unblock chakras.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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