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QHHT, past life on Mars and ancient / ongoing war in Heaven

Christian deBlanc
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QHHT stands for “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy” and it was originally developed by Dolores Cannon. Using QHHT, an individual will be assisted into entering either a Theta or a Delta Brain Wave. From this brain wave state, which will be between 1-4 Hz cycles per second, individuals can transcend the ego and contact the Higher Self. Higher Self typically is interested in healing of the individual and healing is most often facilitated by initiating higher or greater awareness. Thus, the Higher Self is most likely to show the individual prior or future lives in order to facilitate psychological healing.

In my case, my Higher Self showed me a life as Virginia Woolf, as well as a past life in ancient Egypt and, lastly, a past life on Mars where I was killed by Reptilians using a laser weapon, or something of that sort. You can stop reading right now or continue using the notion that this is interesting fiction. I certainly cannot prove to you that I didn’t make these experiences up, but they felt very real. It seemed more like I was transported back in time or space-time teleported.

I saw myself in past life war on Mars and I was terrified when I died. I went to Jupiter or Ganymede. I remember thinking that I was going to Jupiter to get the “big picture,” which would help me understand why I just got shot by Reptilians. In my Egyptian life, I died in battle as well, but it felt more justified and acceptable than my death on Mars, when battle seemed to come upon me.

Past life war on Mars is a hot theory now; and, it is not a new theory. The remains of a former planet Maldek now exist as the asteroid belt and remains of the planet still orbit Mars. See this article for more information.  “There is nothing new under the sun,” to quote Solomon the Great. To be clear, the set of volcanoes near Olympus Mons are the site of the ancient weapon. As Tyler from SecureTeam 10 has noted, the scar appears very close to the pyramidal formation of volcanoes.

Mars bears enormous battle scars, as shown in this short video; and, according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, the Martians used some kind of Merkabah device to try to separate themselves from God and see into the future. Here are Melchizedek’s, from his book, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life:

Before Mars was destroyed, they built huge tetrahedral pyramids. Then they built three-sided, four-sided, and five-sided pyramids, eventually building a complex that was able to create a synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba. You see, you can have a space-time vehicle that looks like a spaceship, or you can have certain other structures that do the same thing. They built a structure from which they were able to look ahead and behind in time and space to tremendous distances and time periods.

Melchizedek says Martians came to Earth and developed a Merkabah during the age of Atlantis in Bermuda, which led to its sinking and the mythical Fall of Man:

The Martians’ attempt to control the world took place near one of the Atlantean islands in the area we now call the Bermuda Triangle. There’s an actual building sitting on the ocean floor down there that contains three rotating star-tetrahedral electromagnetic fields superimposed on each other, creating a huge synthetic Mer-Ka-Ba that stretches out over the ocean and into deep space. This Mer-Ka-Ba is completely out of control. It’s called the Bermuda Triangle because the apex of one of the tetrahedrons — the stationary one — is sticking up out of the water there. The other two fields, are counterrotating — and the faster-rotating field sometimes moves clockwise, which is a very dangerous situation. (When we say clockwise, we mean the source of the field, not the field itself. The field itself would appear to be rotating counterclockwise.) You’ll understand this when you learn more about the Mer-Ka-Ba. When the faster field rotates counterdocfewise (from its source), everything’s okay; but when the faster one moves clockwise (from its source), that’s when time and space distortions happen. Many of the airplanes and ships that have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle have literally gone into other dimensional levels because of the out-of-control field there.

Here is a link to the full text of The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. Melchizedek relates the search for the artificial Merkabah technology to the Philadelphia Experiment, as well as the Montauk Project:

That experiment is directly tied to a chain of Mer-Ka-Bas that began with the Mars experiments a little less than a million years before. Later, one was done here on Earth in 1913, another one in 1943 (called the Philadelphia Experiment), another one in 1983 (called the Montauk Experiment).

75,000 years ago, Yahweh took the Martians who were to incarnate on Earth and gave them his genetics from Sirius and “made man in his image.” He was a 6th density master geneticist and tried to help man evolve peacefully. My understanding of this comes from the Old Testament mixed with the Law of One Material channeled by the L/L Research group including Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins and Jim McCarty. Here is the received communication from Ra:

Questioner: When did Yahweh act to perform the genetic changes that Yahweh performed?

Ra: I am Ra. The Yahweh group worked with those of the planet you call Mars seven five, seventy-five thousand [75,000] years ago in what you would call the cloning process. There are differences, but they lie in the future of your time/space continuum and we cannot break the free will Law of Confusion.

The two six oh oh [2,600], approximately, time was the second time— we correct ourselves— three six oh oh [3,600], approximately, the time of attempts by those of the Orion group during this cultural complex; this was a series of encounters in which the ones called Anak were impregnated with the new genetic coding by your physical complex means so that the organisms would be larger and stronger.

To be sure, you can read all of the related info on Yahweh here.

According to Lyssa Royal and Alex Collier, Lyrans, Sirians and Pleiadians all had a hand in man. But, as for why, it seems like it was a way to make peace between feuding factions of extraterrestrials going back to Lyra—Vega. Here is a snippet from

Together with Lyrans and Pleiadians, they (the Sirians) ended up “creating” two successive versions of mankind by blending some of their DNA with that of the less advanced humanoid species that existed at the time on Earth. In the early days of mankind, there were a lot of fights between the Sirians and the Lyrans about Earth. Fights in ancient mythologies between bird people or eagle people and snake people usually refer to the fights between the Lyrans and Pleiadians on the one hand (the bird or eagle people) and the Sirians (the snake people).

My favorite version is that peace was made between feuding galactic races by creating a royalty race of human beings—the legendary Adam and Eve.

Hence, we get an idea that the Elohim created man in their divine image. The goal was for mankind to be a good steward of the Earth and a good shepherd of both animals and his fellow less-evolved human beings. Below is a paragraph from The Sirian Solution available here:

In order to maintain the peace, some groups in Sirius then came up with an inventive solution for conflict resolution: inspired by the idea of an alchemical union of opposites, they suggested a marriage between royal lineages to create a common dynasty, which would unite the people. And so a common dynasty was established, but the marriage didn’t have the result they had hope for, as members of the royal families kept arguing, and many people did not pledge their allegiance to the new dynasty. The result was that the Sirian system, to this day, is inhabited by different groups, with different agendas and allegiances.

Nibiru comes into play here, as this is where Anu’s lineage of kingship formed, according to

Important for the history of Earth is that members of the new royal dynasty settled on Nibiru, which through some cataclysmic event would be thrown out of its original orbit around one of the stars of Sirius. Its new orbit would catapult it on a trajectory in which it circled both our sun as well as one of the Sirian Stars. These inhabitants of Nibiru would become the Anunnaki that visited Earth in the past, and intervened in our history (for the last 400,000 years).

Hence, in the Old Testament, we get references in Job to “binding the influences of Orion” and harnessing the influences of the Pleiades. Lucifer most likely refers to other beings of Sirius B (remember that Sirius is actually a three-star system or trinary star system) who took on the Alpha-Draconian mentality.

The problem is that beings originally from Lyra branched out to Orion and on Orion, they came into contact with the Draco Reptilians who convinced them to become service-to-self oriented and domineering.

Both Jesus and John the Baptist used the reference “race of vipers” to refer to the Pharisees of the House of Judah. This lineage of the line of David is claimed by the modern House of Windsor, who are the “race of vipers” occupying the privileged place at the top of the Illuminati pyramid of power, mind control and war.

Jesus reminded mankind of the goal being attainment of good shepherd status. He also referred to himself as the good shepherd and said that God would look after the least of these, meaning the children and the sparrows.

While mankind remains locked into a mindset of struggle and lesser jihad, these djinn can use mind-control to trick people into hurting their own children or themselves or hurting others. They feed off the hate, adrenaline and fear like sick clowns. The sick clown is a modern archetype of fear they use to project an irrational fear of the unknown unto us. UFOs are also a place where they have used fear of the unknown to scare us into thinking all of the extraterrestrials are evil.

We need to look at Mars more closely, for it tells us our past. Even if you were not of the Martian stock that came to Earth 75,000 years ago to heal karmic debt, it is time to make peace instead of war and to choose ease instead of anxiety about the future events on Earth. It is true Earth is experiencing a karmic return. Our awakening is entirely planned for this time—now. We don’t really die and Earth is not exactly a prison planet, though we have been quarantined here. That was so we could learn to choose good over evil and service-to-others over service-to-self on our own. Yahweh is god and not God because God cannot properly have children. Yahweh—Allah did clone us based upon himself, which is why the Qur’an says that Allah made Jesus just as he made Adam; it is also why the Qur’an says that mankind is made from one clump of cells presumably cloned from Yahweh—Allah. Notice I am suggesting that one social-memory-complex from the Sirius star system is the one who designed mankind. “Allah it is who is the Lord of Sirius.”

Remember Steward Swerdlow and others say that it was negatively-oriented extraterrestrials from Sirius B who helped with the Montauk mind-control technology years ago. They are in league with the Grays and the other reptilians from Alpha-Draconis and what Ra terms “The Orion Group,” which formed the Illuminati in Egypt. We need to remember that we come from the stars and we are created in the image of God.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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