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The threat from Russia

David Meade
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The current Intel services in operation have no expertise on Russia.

Otherwise, we would not be seeing play-by-play as it’s on the stage today. The majority of the intelligence budget is subcontracted. Independence and critical thinking have not been mustered. Open sources are used, which is not where the impetus should exist.

Now Mr. Putin has said, “That’s enough.” We’ve cancelled ABM, so Russia went right ahead, especially during the Obama years. They have Mach 20 weapons of the nuclear variety that cannot be stopped.

Why is America so uncaring about the relationship with Russia? Pride and stupidity on the part of our diplomats. Russia has the ability to destroy the US in 30 minutes. Those at the very top know that. The rest are mindless.

The American system to neutralize Russian technology is a total waste. The capabilities of Russian weaponry are known, but they are so far beyond our levels that the American system is like the Maginot Line.

But you say, Russia’s military budget is 10% of the US budget. But the comedy has ended. The risk of total war is upon us.

Why are so many in the Trump administration dismissed, some without cause? Do they know something? Did they stand against the neocons? Did they not bow to pressure–is this why they were dismissed? Some reporters know the answer.

The Neoconservatives

They’ve never worn a uniform. They have the briefest type of knowledge of Russia’s nuclear weapons technology. A couple of seminars per year are all they know about Russia and Putin. “During all these years since the unilateral U.S. withdrawal from the ABM Treaty,” Putin explained, “we have been working intensively on advanced equipment and arms, which allowed us to make a breakthrough in developing new models of strategic weapons.”

The RS-28 Sarmat missile has been known to the CIA for years. It has unlimited range and trajectories which render defense impossible.

We have nothing comparable to Russia’s hypersonic Mach 20 missiles, either. North Korea is not mentioned in the Book of Revelation, but Russia is.

Russia has an airframe which is startling in its capabilities against naval opponents. It is Mach 10 capable and with a range of 2,000 kilometers. Russia has the edge on naval warfare, while we wasted $7 trillion in the Middle East, according to Donald Trump. He is right–it was wasted.

It is disgraceful and treasonable–that the idiots in Washington have allowed this transfer of power to proceed. We have no air defenses against these weapons. We cannot intercept hypersonic targeted missiles.

Neither can NATO. And Russia knows it. Half a dozen of these missiles can destroy any carrier battle group. Russia has therefore the ability to close off completely either the Black Sea or the Persian Gulf. Let the international media report on that!

Hundreds of billions of dollars of our tax money has therefore gone to effectively useless naval carriers. To the layman: the naval surface units are a hollow force.

American hegemony is effectively over for all practical purposes. Russia is not looking for World War III, but is fully prepared should it come about. And as far as Syria goes, God help us if some neoconservative starts talking about “defeating” the Russian troops in Syria. This is the kindling for a World War III with a foe that is so technologically developed, I don’t dare estimate the outcome. Neocons in Washington are illiterate. They are dreaming.

The strategic implications are out of this world: A Syrian war would entail Iran and Israel. Would anyone really not agree with me that we are in the End of Days? My book The End of Days – Planet X and Beyond on Amazon has all the revelation. Not just information, but revelation knowledge. I know. I don’t speculate. I know. We need a reality show about reality.

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