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Lyra, the Orion Group and the renegade Zeta Reticulans

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According to both Andromedan contactee Alex Collier and channeler / author Lyssa Royal, human civilization begins in the constellation, Lyra. Lyssa Royal’s book, The Prism of Lyra, makes this very clear.  Remarkably, Alex Collier asserts the same notion:

“All human life originated in Lyra, and when Lyra fell during a war, long before one of the stars there exploded, they migrated out from Lyra during a war in order to preserve the race and they went to different parts of our galaxy. So all human life originated from Lyra, originally.”

The negative and positive polarities, or paths back to God, both originated in space before the human race was conceived or created here by 22 extraterrestrial races who were being overseen by the Elohim. According to Alex Collier, Alpha Draconians had a negative interaction with the original Lyrans, which led to three planets in Lyra being destroyed.

Lyssa Royal asserts that the Lyrans first split between the original Lyans and those members of the Lyran constellation who migrated to the star, Vega. Royal suggests that Vegan and Lyrans differed on how to return to the Prime Creator (what she terms the Founders). She claims that both the Lyrans and the Vegans had a hand in seeding the constellation of Orion. From there, an evolution occurred on Orion, but this evolution was of a negative polarity. This Orion Group became something akin to the Empire of Star Wars fame and created something God-awful, like the Roman Empire squared.

Ra from The Law of One says The Orion Group is behind the development of the Illuminati and aristocracy on this planet. Ra claims that beings of third-density (i.e. humans) are being commanded by fourth-density and fifth-density beings and their goal is destroy the light bringers amongst humanity, whom Ra calls Wanderers. Ra claims that a war on Mars brought many of us here. Maldek, now the asteroid belt, was another seen of terrible atrocity in this eons-old war.

According to Alex Collier and Ra, beings evolve from third-density to fourth-density where we become more spiritual—able to hold more light. However, beings at fourth-density have the option of taking the negative (service-to-self) or the positive (service-to-others) polarity in order to make their way up to fifth-density and eventually through the seven densities of the octave. Here is Alex Collier’s explanation:

The real difference is consciousness. In fourth density you can pretty much instantly create what it is that you think. Whatever your thoughts are, you manifest almost instantaneously. So there is a major degree of responsibility in dealing with that.

Also, in fourth density we become more of a group mind. In fourth density we’re all telepathic. In otherwords, everybody can read each other’s minds. Which means you have to be real. You can’t have hidden agendas because people will see right through you. Also, in fourth density we all become clairvoyants. We’ll be able to see energy fields, see life forms. Which means that if you’re hiding something it’ll be seen instantaneously.

They’ve also said that in fourth density, when we move into that, our court systems will change. There’s still a positive and negative. That exists all the way to the fifth density where you’ll experience, to a strong degree, the dualities in our everyday environments. What will happen is you’ll have a judge and you’ll have a jury who will all be clairvoyants. They will read the energy field and know who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Everything will be judged based on that. It will be based on energy, not on words.

Of course, our third eyes are closed, for the most part; and, therefore, we are blissfully unaware (for the most part) that the renegade Zeta Reticulans (i.e. the Grays) have been on this planet at least since the 1950s—when the Eisenhower administration signed the Greada Treaty exchanging high technology like semi-conductors, advanced computing systems and zero-point energy for human DNA.

Significantly, the renegade Zeta Reticulans, according to both Lyssa Royal and Alex Collier (though Royal is more positive in her viewpoint), are unable to reproduce without cloning. They have lost the ability to digest food as well thanks to living underground indefinitely. They’ve been mutilating cows and absorbing blood through their skin.

Alex Collier says that the Zeta Reticulan Grays, who are under the Orion Group, are really the victims of the belief system that was taught to them by the Alpha-Draconian Reptilians. Here is Alex Collier’s take on the Draconians:

The Draconians themselves did not evolve as a life form in our universe. They were dumped here. They were brought here because they’re just a pain. They’re incredibly smart. They’re incredibly psychic. They’re incredible builders, but they’re bullies. Their whole thing is control, domination. And because there’s no race in our universe that can really beat them up and wipe them out, they don’t have to choose light or dark. They’re just where they are, and they’ve chosen the opposite polarity. They’re a tough bunch. They’ve manipulated a lot of civilizations throughout our galaxy. They’re also responsible for the six hundred thousand year war which almost annihilated the human kind, human species in our galaxy. And they show very little remorse about it. Hopefully they’ll be leaving soon. But the others are life forms that have evolved, like the Orions. The Orion group has been genetically manipulated and have been deeply entrenched in Draconian belief systems. So they’re carrying that energy or that torch for whatever their agendas are, as well as their own agendas. The Reticulans, the Greys have been also, have been controlled and manipulated by the Orion group. So there is a system, a class system here that’s been established. And this is very common in the non-benevolent or aggressive extraterrestrial structures where there’s a class system of workers, warriors, administrative or priests, and then the hierarchy, the royalty. And the lower you are, the worse you’re treated. We have a history of that here on our planet as well. And we have been taught this by the aliens themselves.

Lyssa Royal says humans have to appreciate that we are part of a Galactic family and that our family, like any family, has its share of issues involving power struggles and beliefs. She maintains that it is our responsibility to awaken to our Galactic heritage going back to The Prism of Lyra where we moved from undivided wholeness into fragmented, separate existence of individual human egos.

Arcturians are here to help, according to both Alex Collier and Lyssa Royal, while Sirians from Sirius B were unfortunately involved with Montauk. Additionally, Zeta Reticulans are not all bad. Some are healers like the Arcturians.

Alex Collier and Lyssa Royal both agree that the Zeta Reticulans are trying to splice our genetics into their genetic pool so that they can experience emotions and gain a soul, not to mention become able to reproduce sexually. According to Collier, they are not succeeding; but, regrettably, they are able to leach away our vital bodies and, apparently, they can bottle up our negative emotions and ingest them like a drug for the pleasurable experience it gives them. Rome ostensibly used coliseum sacrifices as food for the extraterrestrials.

The bottom line, Collier states, is that the renegade Grays are desperate:

But anyway, their race is dying. They have been so genetically altered by the Orion group that they cannot reproduce. So they were told by the Orion group to come down in here, to come in here, this is how it’s been related to me, to come in here and set the stage to break down the social structure so that when the Orion group and the Draconians come back there are two classes: royalty and workers, which is exactly what they’re doing.

In The Talmud of Jmmanuel, Jmmanuel (Jesus) states that humanity won’t awaken to the truth until we see the starships again and remember our past. Humanity is destined to have some kind of Renaissance and awaken. Different extraterrestrial races have a different agenda for humanity and we need to figure out who is our friend and who is our foe. It doesn’t mean that we can’t “love our enemies,” like Jmmanuel said; however, we have to stand up for our truth, our DNA and our souls.

If you would like to read a transcript of the Alex Collier interview I have quoted, here it is.

Lastly, here is a pdf of Lyssa Royal’s book, The Prism of Lyra.

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