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Project Black Star Update – Volume 17 (2018)

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Year-over-year weekly seismic-event values for Week 09 show no 7-magnitude earthquake events for the last five orbit cycles. One of the 6-magnitude quake events for 2018 matches the weekly-event total for last year, as Earth is clearly following the 2017 seismic pattern. While twenty-four of the 5-mag quakes is 5 events below the year-over-year weekly average (29.25), 283 of the 2.5 to 4-magnitude earthquake events is 43 events higher than the Week 09 weekly average (240.25), showing 2018 global earthquake activity (308 total events) to be more active than what we have seen for the last five years.

Week-over-week seismic-event values for Week 09 no 7-magnitude earthquake events for seven weeks in a row, which is also another sign that Earth is following the 2017 seismic pattern rather closely. The only category seeing a seismic-event uptick is the 5-magnitude quake events that had to climb higher, because Week 08 shows a sub-20 value like we see in Week 04 jumping from 16 events to 25 for Week 05.

Summing up the global seismic picture for the 2018 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star, the data shows that Week 01 represents the time our planet reached the 90-degree angle relative to the Sun and Black Star reaching minimum values. Earth turned in natural orbit around the Sun to begin moving towards the Black Star in Week 02 showing  the “J” (Jolt) value where Earth received an electromagnetic jolt caused by the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection shortening rapidly, which coincided with the fifth and final big quake event (7.5 Papua) over the eight-week period running from Week 48 (2017 cycle) to Week 02. The Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection then swings around to the opposite side of our planet to shorten rapidly producing this second electromagnetic jolt (J) and the mini-peak in global seismic activity for Week 07. Earth is now moving through the anticipated mini-lull period within the overall earth-change uptick period, which represents the calm before the coming seismic-volcanic storm where earth-change activity reaches a peak in the middle of May 2018.

My expectation is that a series of zeroes (0) can easily continue under the “1 P” from Week 02 in the 7-mag column with the 7.5 Papua Quake representing the key tectonic-volcanic reset like we saw last year following the 7.9 Papua Quake. The 7.9 Papua Quake marked the start of a 17-week period that Earth saw no more than just 2 of these 6-mag quake events. These “3” values for the 6-mag quakes are chart anomalies created by the deep magma plume action coursing within the buoyancy-barrier corridors from the five big 7-mag quakes over the 8-week period at the end of the 2017 orbit cycle. If Earth continues following the 2017 seismic pattern, then we could see low values for these moderately-sized quakes for some time. A check of EQuake3D shows just one of the 6-mag quakes in the last 7 days southeast of Africa (USGS) along buoyancy-barrier corridor 4.

We are looking 4.5+ magnitude earthquake events for the last 30 days, which reveals a disturbing seismic pattern associated with deep magma plume activity (article and map) from Earth mantle transition zone (Wiki). This Key 5.3 LA Earthquake Event (USGS and LA Times article) was the “largest earthquake in several years” for Southern California and also represents an important piece of the puzzle for identifying the terminal end formation of the deep magma plume arm identified in my reports as buoyancy-barrier corridor 2. Deep earthquake events in Fiji (lower left) combined, with six deep earthquake events below South America (lower right) in the last 40 days, have added massive energy to this deep magma plume arm; which has pushed the formation terminal end much-farther north than previously realized. The lack of deep quake events in Indonesia and along buoyancy-barrier corridor 1 (large arrow upper left) have stopped the 5-magnitude quakes at the 10-kilometer depth in the Cascadia Subduction Zone(Wiki), which means we have no means to identify the general location of the deep magma plume terminal end associated with deep magma plume arm 1.

My suspicion is that this terminal end position has already push under the Cascadia Basin and that the terminal ends of magma-plume arm 1 and 2 are much-closer than previously realized. Note the distance between this recent 5.3 LA Quake and the Cascadia Basin Quake from February 01, 2018 to realize our 1345-mile and 1285-mile differential has closed to less than 600 miles and that the California West Coast is in the cross hairs of the coming seismic-volcanic storm! For the new subscribers unaware: You are looking at the Seismic-Volcanic Convergence Zone where these two-deep magma plume formation terminal ends are projected to collide to break the buoyancy barriers causing glassy-type transition-zone magma to rise and decompress, which displaces the rocky-type magma supporting Earth crust to produce this scenario (Scallion Map of the Future and Navy Map of the Future). The two-massive plume-formation terminal ends collide for the entire region to rise, until a series of volcanic eruptions (like Yellowstone) causes the land to collapse for the Pacific Ocean waters to rush in and put out the fire; or we would be dealing with an extinction-level event.

While the Fiji-side of the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone and South America have been inundated with deep earthquake events (4 this week), the Indonesia side is starting to show signs of moving towards the peak of the current earth-change uptick period. Note the depth and dates of the three deep quakes (on right) and the progression of deep earthquake activity shifting north into Russia, which will be the trigger for new volcanic eruption activity also shifting north from Japan into Kamchatka. The regional deep-quake-event activity is sending deep magma-plume shockwaves through buoyancy-barrier corridor 3 (large arrow) with sufficient intensity to push the earthquake activity through the Gibraltar region for the next stop to be along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in weeks to come. The 6-mag Edward Islands Quake (USGS) represents the only 6+ magnitude earthquake event to strike in the last seven days on April 19, 2018 with none of these moderately-sized quakes striking for the Week 10 reporting period that ends this Saturday night at midnight.

We are looking at more evidence that Earth is moving beyond the mini-lull period within the current earth-change uptick period following the Jolt from Week 07. The forecast is to see another week or two of mini-lull period, until seismic-volcanic pressures have time to build and the Black Star-Earth magnetic portal connection has more time to shorten to increase Black Star electromagnetic potential. Earth metals then translate that electromagnetic energy into heat energy via the induction process for our planet to have difficulty maintaining equilibrium for Week 11 through 14.

Earth saw eight new volcanic eruption events in the last seven days with three new eruptions in the Indonesia-Fiji Seismic Volcanic Origination Zone (Halmahera, New Britain and Indonesia). New volcanic eruption events in Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan and now Eastern Kamchatka provide evidence that deep magma-plume activity is increasing along buoyancy-barrier corridor 1 with seismic pressures shifting from Indonesia north through the Aleutians to Alaska and the Cascadia Basin. Those following the weekly reports closely can see that my predictions about new volcanic eruption events shifting north to Kamchatka have already come true with the Aleutians next in line in weeks to come. The Kilauea predictions of increased volcanic activity have also come true, as the seismic-volcanic pressure shift from Indonesia-Fiji through the Americas is intensifying. Again, Earth can easily see seven, eight or nine new volcanic eruption events, when Earth is passing between the Sun and Black Star, which seemed unlikely last week with only three new volcanic eruption events. The Chile new volcanic eruption took place near the elbow position of buoyancy-barrier corridor 2 where seismic-volcanic pressures are expected to shift north through Central America and then Mexico moving through the peak of the current earth change uptick period running to the middle of May 2018. On a side note, be on the lookout for more of these news articles (link and link) where extreme low temperatures are being replaced with extreme high temperatures, as the polar vortex phenomenon loses steam.

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