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The pole shift, mystery in Syria and April 23rd

David Meade
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First, the pole shift–the magnetic pole. We all know the pole is moving gradually toward Siberia. In the last century it moved only a few miles a year. Now that acceleration is up to 25 miles a year.

A huge fissure in the earth has opened near Balochistan, Pakistan; it spans several hundred miles. Other recent fissures were discovered in Arizona, Antarctica and South Africa. You can see a drone video of the fissure in Arizona, several miles in length. In the Antarctic it’s over 40 kilometers long. Check out the South Africa link, too.

I leave you to your own conclusions after viewing these sites.

Second, the mystery in Syria. I ask you in all seriousness, does anyone really believe this story? First we’re shown a 15-second clip where there is no time nor date stamp. Then a person appears standing next to what is alleged to be a 250-pound bomb–a white chemical bomb. Whoever heard of a bomb being painted white? Next, he is actually standing next to it and tapping it. That would be suicide. It’s in pristine condition. How did it get there?

The Syrians can only launch weapons like this from the ground; they have primitive weaponry, except for their helicopters. It makes no sense at all. And of course Russia is not buying it. They know it’s a false flag.

The real question is, why is it being introduced at all? If a hot war develops between Russia and the US, you have the fuse of World War III in the Middle East. Israel would soon be drawn in. There you have Bible prophecy fulfilled.

The fake Gulf of Tonkin incident embroiled the US in Vietnam. There is absolutely no comparison once the fuse in the Middle East is lit. Only a madman would incite an incident of this magnitude in Syria–a showdown between Putin, who is ruthless, and America. There is no winner. No winner except one man.

Who is behind it? That is the biggest question of all. Is the third Antichrist alive and well? Is he orchestrating it? We’ve had a couple in history–study the Feast of Hanukkah and you’ll get an education. Then study Hitler and his rise for the completion of your education. I’m encouraging you to research this on your own. If I lay it out entirely, you wouldn’t even believe it.

Third, what is this about April 23rd? Suddenly after running some routine errands this afternoon I arrive home and have a hundred emails offering me media interviews with everyone from Newsweek to whatever. Apparently someone took parts of my research and arrived at this date, and attributed it to me. This is beginning to happen about every six or seven months.

Donald Trump said it well: “fake news.” I’ve never even heard of April 23rd until today, April 13th, when I am writing this article and update. I took the time to write each person and told them this–and I referred them to my articles on Planet X News if they want real news. Yes, we are in the End of Days–my book states this clearly. Yes, the End of Days begins in 2018. The Revelation 12 Sign of last September points directly toward this year. Do I know the day or plan for a specific end-time event? Not really, folks.

The conclusion: Don’t believe the mainstream media. Do your own research. Like the Book of Proverbs states, don’t be naïve or gullible. But it is getting close. It’s time to watch like never before.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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