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Spinning orbs, the Merkabah and crop circles

Christian deBlanc
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This video posted by Tyler of SecureTeam10 depicts orbs of light over a field at dark and you can clearly hear the narrator / witness saying, “There’s going to be a crop circle here in the morning.” Of course, the video then jumps ahead to the next day where we can observe the “intricately-laid” stalks crafted into a “very beautiful work,” according to the witness / narrator. It is fairly obvious that the narrator / witness is also filming the crop circle, apparently from her cell phone. The incident, I am presuming from the woman’s accent, occurred in Australia.

Other videos featuring orbs of light and crop circles have been posted on YouTube for many years now. Here is one where the orb is flying away from the crop circle. You also see a helicopter perhaps tracking or chasing the orb.

In the first video, Tyler asks his large audience, “What are they trying to tell us?”

Leaving that question for a second, we must also ask, how do we know that these crop circles are not a hoax created by man? Well, as both Tyler and Patty Greer have stated, these crops have been tested and their genetics are markedly different from other crops. They are, in fact, superior crops.

Tyler states that definitively, “They have water content reduced in the affected stalks.”

The smoking gun here, according to Tyler, is the amount of iron oxide found in the crop circle arrangements. Iron oxide is negligible in the atmosphere and it is almost never found deposited in soil, unless a meteor has impacted. Nevertheless, there it is.

Tyler asserts that the strong magnetic field of the crop circle had the effect of pulling or attracting the iron oxide dust from the atmosphere to the soil. He deduces that the pulling of the iron oxide from the atmosphere occurs while the crop circles are being made by the interdimensional orb light beings.

Tyler also states that the amount of man-made crop circle arrangements are “dwarfed” by the high number of crop circles where iron oxide is present.

In true crop circles, the crops are interwoven. Man simply cannot do this without breaking the stalks. Man also can’t pull iron oxide from the atmosphere; nor can man change the amount of water present in the stalks. In short, crop circles are a real phenomenon.

In this video, Patty Greer states that she feels that she has been called to be a voice for “the circle makers,” which she considers to be “a gift.” Patty, I would have to agree.

Patty Greer considers these orbs to be “plasma balls.” Here is a video of her talking and watching plasma balls making a crop circle in seconds. When watching the video reversed and at 30% of normal speed, you can see the two plasma balls communicating with a line of energy that appears (visibly) in between them.

This is the essence of instantaneous communication, which is often called “spooky action at a distance.” The crop circle is called “Oliver’s Castle.” The line of energy between them is black and white. Perhaps we can call it instantaneous telepathic communication.

This Oliver’s Castle circle was made in 1996; the footage was given to Patty Greer in 2016.

The phenomenon of counter-rotating plasma balls can also be called the Merkabah. Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit and Bah = Body. Thus, we are truly dealing with “light-spirit-bodies.”

The Merkabah is what we can all hope to create for ourselves if we unite with the Holy Spirit inside us and channel our Kundalini energy up the spinal column to the brain.

Oliver’s Castle depicts the Kingdom of Heaven. Three concentric circles are the symbol of the Kingdom of God used by Machiventa Melchizedek. These circles are the primary symbol used by the Urantia Book.

However, the main message of crop circles and their formation relates back to the free energy present in the toroidal field. “We are traveling in a boundless sea of infinite torus flow,” according to renowned physicist, Nassim Haramein. This video features Haramein’s above quotation and gives three-dimensional glimpses of what the crop circles are illustrating to our profoundly ignorant eyes.

Some crop circles depict Buckminster Fuller’s “vector equilibrium,” while others show us Drunvalo Melchizedek’s “flower of life.”

The truth is that the majority of crop circles are made by advanced beings traveling in their Merkabahs, or plasma balls, and communicating using telepathy. They are giving us a message about the way sacred geometry can be used as a map of the universe’s flow for healing and wholeness.

We are meant to use toroidal fields of energy to propel ourselves into the future, both individually as we create Merkabahs, as well as collectively, as we master the free energy vortices inherent in the counter-rotating fields of the torus.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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