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Russia’s superpower status

David Meade
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Vladimir Putin has come out publicly, in front of Russian lawmakers and the world, and claims he has a whole new generation of advanced nuclear weaponry which is invincible. He just may have it. While Obama was letting our military languish for eight years, Russia was developing 22nd Century technology.

Let’s review some of these weapons. Putin made his remarks at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall outside the Kremlin on March 1, 2018. He was met with cheers and smiles from Russian VIPs.

He ominously stated, “No one has listened to us,” Putin declared. “You listen to us now.”

A nuclear cruise missile with unlimited range

His presentation included imagery from a computer which shows the missile flying across the Atlantic, then around South America’s Cape Horn and finally striking what looks like a target in Hawaii.

Because it cruises at high speed on a non-linear route with a very low altitude, it could probably avoid all surface and space warning systems, as well as interceptors. It appears its flight path can be controlled and modified in-flight by a computer operator. Putin said that no one in the world has a missile like that.

Nuclear-armed hypersonic vehicles

Next Putin stated they had a hypersonic vehicle, nicknamed Avangard. It can make rapid course changes and emit various signatures as countermeasures. He stated it would hit targets “like a meteorite, like a fireball.” With a speed of Mach 6 it is almost impossible to intercept.


According to Putin, this delivers multiple warheads and has countermeasures sufficient to assure it reaches multiple targets. His graphic showed the missile hitting Florida.

An underwater drone

This as yet unnamed weapon is launched from a submarine. It moves toward the target area and contains a dirty warhead, designed to contaminate an area over the long term. His computer animation showed it being launched from an Oscar-class submarine. It can operate from great depths and is virtually invisible.

The danger is that the media and the neoconservatives in the Pentagon actually think that a nuclear war with Russia is winnable. The UN Ambassador blithely talks about “slapping Russia.”

If these weapons exist and are operational, Russia is the world’s greatest nuclear superpower. Sure, the US may have 800 military bases around the world, but that’s not a match for what the Russians have developed.

I’ve read that a high percentage of people either have diminished intelligence or mental problems. I think the highest concentration of these people are currently working in Washington, you know. They are taunting a nuclear superpower, Russia, which can destroy them in an hour’s time. It’s not the smartest thing to do, folks. Read my book The End of Days to see how it all really ends.

“However demonic, however destructive, however devious, however deserving of being strangled Russia is, the brute fact is that we cannot kill this bastard without committing suicide.” -Harvard University Professor Graham Allison

“After the long and ongoing list of false accusations—Skripal poisoning, Malaysian airliner shotdown, invasion of Ukraine, planned invasion of the Baltics, a dozen or more alleged assassinations in the UK, sanctioning Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons, coverup of Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons, topped off with gratuitous sanctions piled upon sanctions, and seizure of Russian property—how can Russia possibly trust Washington or any Western government?” -Paul Craig Roberts

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