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Vladimir Putin and the ‘Dead Hand’

David Meade
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The movie The Mosquito Coast starring Harrison Ford may well be a description of where so-called civilization is heading. Vladimir Putin recently described Russia’s conglomeration of super-nuclear weapons, which includes a “Dead Hand” type of ballistic underwater submarine, remotely controlled, with huge nuclear capability.

Russia has one enemy: the United States. Well, you say, all is well–just look at the economy. Wrong answer. The economy is a distraction. Trump is highly militaristic. He’s about to stage a Washington military parade. He has top generals in command who advise him who are as aggressive beyond anything we’ve seen before.

We are, in a word, one step from war–with China over the South China Sea, or with North Korea, or with Russia itself.

Let’s take a look at the movie and see how it all wound up. Maybe moving to someplace safer isn’t a bad idea after all.

Harrison plays Allie Fox. Fox is a brilliant but unstable inventor who decides to move the family to Jeronimo, a town he has purchased in Central America. His latest invention is an ice machine known as Fat Boy. Allie believes that “ice is civilization.”

They proceed to move to Belize. He decides to build his own civilization. A utopia. Allie hears of rumors of a native tribe that has never had ice. He recruits his sons to carry a load of ice into the jungle to supply the tribe with ice. However, upon arriving he finds the ice has melted. He finds two prisoners the tribe has placed in solitary confinement and releases them. He doesn’t realize they are true criminals.

The criminals follow his path to Jeronimo. Allie knows he is in for trouble and claims an ant infestation has forced them to burn up the city. They take refuge in his ice plant, at the very top. He has his son lock them in late one night and then he turns on the ice machine. I can only let your imagination rule from this point. You really should see the movie.

Is this where we are today? Is it really safer and wiser to be on a continent not threatened by nuclear destruction? Many are of this very exact opinion. Why have all of the billionaires left Israel? Why have some of them left America? My book The End of Days has the answers.

“The only difference between myself and a madman is that I am not mad.” -Salvador Dali

“For here we have no continuing city” -The Book of Hebrews

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