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Signs of the coming ‘Three Days of Darkness’

Diamond Star Research

There are several proximate signs and also immediate signs of the Three Days of Darkness which instead of repeating here can be seen at and This and more can be seen at these sites which are excellent sources of information on what the Three Days of Darkness are, what to expect and how to prepare.

But in addition to the proximate signs and the immediate signs, there are what we would call the intermediate signs that most often are overlooked. These intermediate signs are between the proximate signs and the immediate signs and are actually beginning to manifest themselves now as the proximate signs are all fulfilled and/or are ongoing. The intermediate signs consist of the following:

  1. Global auroras beyond the poles. These are beginning to appear especially within the last year or so.
  2. The reddening of the skies worldwide which in certain areas are just now being partially manifest.
  3. The close approach of an intruding celestial object–such as some of the planets of the approaching Nemesis-Nibiru system which have been photographed and videos taken of. Sightings of the “Second Sun” have been occurring for years, since at least 2009.

For further information, please see the above mentioned websites, plus our Planet X webpage, especially interesting is the video, “Virgin Mary Speaks of Nibiru (Planet X)” at this webpage.

See also the video The First Sign of Approaching Planet X – It is in Our Solar system Now

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