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Jamaica connection

I recently took a trip to Jamaica and met Petouchia who is a cab driver who waits in the lobby of the RIU hotel waiting for customers. I learned that Petouchia is a prepper as he believes that something bad is going to happen but is not sure what. He did get the talk on Planet X from yours truly which I believe helped validated his preparations. I must admit I was surprised that he is prepping for some future disaster, especially when he is not sure what. He said that the way the world is going he felt compelled to protect his family at all cost; so hats off to him for being so intuitive. He has built an underground shelter but it is still under construction. He has included water and sewer, living and sleeping area; not sure if he is putting in hydro, though. He did say, however, that his wife thought he was crazy but I think she will be thankful down the road for what he is preparing for. I have included a picture of both of us.

Evil Russians?

I want to touch on what is going on with the US government and I want you to ask yourself who is the real villain, Russia or the US? Russia has built over 5,000 shelters than can house some of their population; China has also done the same. Planet X has been on the Russian news so people are aware to some degree as to what to expect. The US has secretly built anywhere from 130 to 150 deep underground shelters specifically for the military, government officials and the elite. They have prevented the media from covering Planet X and instructed NASA to completely debunk Planet X’s existence, so who is the bad guy?

The US media keeps you focused on Russian collusion, North Korea and Donald Trump, etc. The elite are still protecting the Clintons and their cronies and I am not sure if they will be brought to justice. If you really pay attention to what is happening in Washington, you will realize it is totally corrupt and your tax dollars are being used to protect those people. Having said all of that, I do believe there are some good guys trying to bring the truth to the surface but it is an uphill battle.

It appears that Planet X is getting closer everyday and I keep searching the sky in the hopes of getting a glimpse, as others have, but like most, you want to witness it for yourself and not rely on the Web and YouTube.

Two suns

I think that people should start paying attention to what is happening in regard to two suns in the sky; this is not a joke. Planet X is being videoed all over the world. If you don’t start preparing now it will be too late. This video below was taken by an ordinary guy and I think it is genuine.

Brian Cox confirms our second sun. Then he tried to retract it by saying it was British humour, but I am not buying that and I don’t find it funny.

Consider the fact with all of the videos of two suns in the sky that not all are real but not everyone has the capabilities to Photoshop videos. Even if 99% are fake, what about the 1%?

I think this year you are going to see earthquakes hit in the most unlikely places. It is not usual for Britain to have earthquakes, so keep watching for more updates.

I have not touched on aliens much in my articles but it is one of my passions since I was younger watching Flash Gordon battling Ming on TV.

Here is a series of five videos with Steven Hawking I think you will find interesting.

Some say aliens have been on this planet since WW2 which I can believe. There are others who are concerned that, like the movie Independence Day, we may be invaded. Well, if that happens I think earthlings will put up a good fight, just like in the movie.

I am sure there are many different types of aliens and some may be passive whereas others may be aggressive and have no feelings. I think mankind has a lot to face soon and I believe that this will unite the world.

Things are happening around the world: massive storms (hurricanes and twisters); dormant volcanoes erupting; major earthquakes; floods; meteors; tsunamis; just take a look at this.

So you don’t believe in Planet X? Iraq’s Transport Minister certainly does and speaks openly about it.

DDD signing off. Keep your eyes on the skies.

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