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The Antichrist: ‘Mr. 666’ (Part 2)

David Meade
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Peace in the Middle East is about to terminate. Unless a person known only to us as the Antichrist appears momentarily, World War III is ready to break out.

Iran and Israel are now in direct military conflict. The Syrian entanglement is the point of contact. The Messianic war of Gog and Magog is about to commence.

Iran has sent an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle into Israeli airspace from a Syrian base. An Israeli Air Force helicopter shot down the target and afterward Israel launched multiple air strikes within Syria, to which Syria responded by launching a barrage of surface-to-air missiles toward warplanes from Israel. One F-16 was damaged, the two-man crew ejecting. One pilot had serious injuries.

Let’s review–since Donald J. Trump began his presidential term during 2017:

  • First, the solar eclipse on August 21st. Not a good harbinger. It was visible across the entire US.
  • Next, the U.S. is hit by not one but two Category 4 Atlantic hurricanes last fall. Hurricane Harvey produced almost 50 inches of rain. Irma appeared several weeks later, with sustained winds of 185 mph, the strongest storm on record in the Atlantic.
  • Massive wildfires burned across the US, beginning in September.
  • At the G-20 Summit, Trump decides to have a private conversation with Vladimir Putin. No media was allowed. Did you know that in Slavic, the meaning of the name Vladimir is “Universal Ruler”?

What has Russia been doing the last eight years while Obama let the military deteriorate? He has built up Russian armaments, technology and military might to unheard-of levels.

My book The End of Days reveals everything. You don’t have long to buy it.

We are one tweet away from a nuclear war with China or North Korea and the revealing of the man of perdition.

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