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BREAKING: ‘Planet X coming in October 2018’ – David Meade interview

David Meade
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Watch this amazing interview by Pastor Paul Begley of David Meade on February 1, 2018, bringing you up to speed on major events about to transpire:

  • The US is moving heavy firepower, nuclear bombers and aircraft carriers, to the region of North Korea.
  • Nuclear bombers are now stationed in Guam.
  • The USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier is in Japan.
  • The USS Carl Vinson is heading to the Pacific.
  • Other smaller carriers are patrolling the waters.
  • Pyongyang will launch a satellite this spring. The US will not permit this to happen.
  • Updates on sightings of Planet X around the world.

All of this and more on this fascinating, one-of-a-kind broadcast featuring David Meade discussing his new book The End of Days with Pastor Paul Begley.

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