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Project Black Star Update – Volume 5 (2018)

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Year-over-year weekly seismic-event values for Week 50 show the first 7-magnitude earthquake event in the last four years (Alaska), but again we should realize that the 2016 orbit cycle saw 7-mag quake events for Week 44, 45, 47, 49 and 51. Five of the 6-magnitude earthquake events for the 7-day reporting period is more than Earth as seen for Week 50 for the last three orbit cycles combined, which earned a red value for high-global seismic activity. Twenty-six of the 5-mag quake events for Week 50 is slightly higher than the weekly-event average with 419 of the 2.5 to 4-mag quakes being 140 events above the yearly average for the three previous orbit cycles.

Week-over-week seismic-event values show a bounce in global earthquake activity across the board starting in Week 48 with a big 7-magnitude earthquake event striking on January 10th (Honduras), January 14th (Peru) and January 23rd (Alaska). Five of the 6-mag quake events for Week 50 is more than double what we saw for Weeks 45 through 49 combined representing a sharp increase in these moderately-sized earthquake events that is expected to fall again in the coming weeks. Go up the chart to review the 2016 seismic pattern from the Earth/Sun/Black Star backside alignment (B) to realize Earth saw five* of the 6-mag for the final time in Week 46, which did not happen again; until Week 13 of the 2017 Earth orbit cycle at the Sun/Earth/Black Star nearside alignment (N). In fact, a look at Week 10 for 2017 shows a small-lower case number (16), because sixteen weeks passed with Earth having no more than just two of these 6-magnitude earthquake events for any 7-day reporting period. Then, look over at the 7-mag quake events in the next column to realize the final big quake, for the 2016 Earth orbit cycle, came in Week 51 beginning a run of twenty-four weeks with none of the 7-mag quake events at all. The explanation for the shifting global tectonic dynamic is related to the new seismic triggers originating with the deep magma-plume formation circling the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire (article and diagram) having greater impact on our planet with each Earth orbit cycle. Get more information from Kelly’s Interview (video) on January 31, 2018.

Beginning in the left corner above, the 4.4 Russian Quake (USGS) struck at the 479-kilometer depth (last week’s similar event: 5.7 Russia USGS) sending deep magma waves into the Cascadia Basin to trigger a series of earthquakes along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 1. Five deep earthquake events on the Fiji-side of the Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone appears to be sending deep magma-plume energy throughout the entire deep magma-plume formation (article and diagram), becoming more of a global phenomenon with each passing Earth orbit cycle. These 5-mag quakes (Cascadia Basin and Gulf of California) represent precursor-seismic events pointing to what is coming later in the timeline (Really Big One) moving near the peak of an upcoming earth change-uptick period, which will fulfill the grim predictions made by Russia in 2014 (Grim Report).  That report was issued following the big Solomon Island Earthquake from February 6, 2013 that cracked the tectonic plate in two creating additional space in the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire tectonic network, which in turn started the cascade of tectonic plates along the US West Coast away from the North American Craton (image). The shifting seismic-volcanic dynamic in the Pacific Ocean-Ring of Fire is sending tectonic-volcanic pressures from Indonesia-Fiji across to the Americas using the growing-deep magma-plume formation while the slow-motion tectonic cascade is also taking place along the US/Canada West Coast. Look at how the 3+ magnitude earthquake events begin skyrocketing at the Oklahoma Quake Swarm Area (chart), after 2013, to make the connection and realize that the global seismic pattern predicts doom for the United States beginning in the west and moving east. A new line of seismic activity suddenly appeared out of nowhere from Texas up through Seattle pointing directly at the Cascadia Subduction Zone where the big one is expected to strike.

Deep earthquake events along both-primary buoyancy-barrier corridors have produced Casadia and Gulf of California earthquake events to narrow the quake-event differential from 1349 miles (diagram) to 1289 miles, which represents an ominous sign for what is coming to the US West Coast.

Seismic activity has reduced along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 3 extending from Indonesia, Nepal, the Middle East and Southern Europe through Gibraltar with many events at the 10-kilometers depth. Seismic activity has increased along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor 4 and along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, but this activity is expected to diminish completely over the coming weeks moving to the end of the current earth-change lull period.

Earth saw five new volcanic eruption events in the last seven days with only one event taking place in the Indonesia/Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone nearer to the Indonesia side (Papua New Guinea) for the third week on a row. The Philippines and two Japan new volcanic eruption events took place in the Watch Area shifting back and forth from Kamchatka/Aleutians along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor #1, where volcanism pressures are passing through in route to Indonesia; which is the same pattern we have seen for more than a month now. We see a new volcanic eruption event in El Salvador for the third week in a row, located where one of the big 7’s struck in Honduras; and positioned along Buoyancy-barrier Corridor #2 where the deep magma plume terminal end is positioned near the Mexico West Coast. The number of Origination Zone deep-earthquake events has remained moderate, moving through the current earth-change lull period, to produce a new round of seismic and volcanic activity that appears to be peaking. The forecast is to see earth-change activity decrease to reach a minimum in the third week of February with a few bounces along the way. While Dutchsinse and Mary Greeley are currently busy making lengthy earthquake update reports, the historical data says these internet reporters will see a dramatic decrease in activity nearing the end of February.

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