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Two suns, record temps and shifting poles

Christian deBlanc
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Welcome to 2018. Buckle your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. SkyWatch Media News has released undeniable footage of a second sun going into and out of visibility behind the pink clouds. Of course, that footage was from October 2017. Currently, as we sit in January 2018, we are seeing the “Earth going into a tailspin,” according to SkyWatch Media News, as the axial tilt and the rotation of the Earth adjust to the gravitational attraction being exerted by the Black Star / Brown Dwarf Nibiru and its many accomplices.

SkyWatch Media News’ latest video can be viewed here. Indeed, the Earth is simply adjusting to a dramatic amount of plasma interaction. In South America, we are witnessing the oceans receding. Secure Team 10 has discussed this footage of boats in Ecuador where the water has simply “vanished.” To be sure, it’s also happening in Brazil, as this article and pictures from indicate.

If I may pause to counter the notion that man-made climate change can explain this, let me remind you that warming waters and massive hurricanes, cyclones and tsunamis may be amenable to explanation using global warming, but tectonic realignments of coastal plates leading to receding oceans and shifting tides is not so easily justified by fossil fuels in the atmosphere.

Now, where the rubber meets the road in the climate change debate is Sydney, Australia, where they have received record-high temperatures just as Americans in New England and the Midwest, as well as the South, received record-low temperatures in November. There are more record-breaking cold temperatures also being expected as we slowly inch our way into January 2018.

Singapore and Tawain also recorded record-low temperatures recently, so this is a global issue. We have seen snow in the Sahara for several years now, with the last blast actually staying on the ground.

Meanwhile, the Arctic and Antarctic are warming. Antarctica is seeing electric-blue cloudsSecure Team 10 has provided footage of the electric-blue clouds.

Even if you are convinced man-made global warming is causing the temperatures to increase and dramatically decrease in different parts of the globe, and if you somehow also believe that fossil fuels being released into the atmosphere along with carbon dioxide is responsible for the oceans receding, I truly don’t see how you could believe that global warming is slowing the Earth’s rotation and causing earthquakes.

Here are several articles suggesting that the slowing down of the Earth’s rotation is going to lead to an escalation of earthquakes in 2018:

There is more to be seen than meets the eye. Is the South Pole preparing to become the North Pole? Is the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly but a precursor to an overall shift? This quote is taken from

There’s a patch of reversed polarity beneath southern Africa at the core-mantle boundary where the liquid iron outer core meets the slightly stiffer part of the Earth’s interior. In this area, the polarity of the field is opposite to the average global magnetic field. If we were able to use a compass deep under southern Africa, we would see that in this unusual patch north actually points south.

This patch is the main culprit creating the South Atlantic Anomaly. In numerical simulations, unusual patches similar to the one beneath southern Africa appear immediately prior to geomagnetic reversals.

The poles have reversed frequently over the history of the planet, but the last reversal is in the distant past, some 780,000 years ago. The rapid decay of the recent magnetic field, and its pattern of decay, naturally raises the question of what was happening prior to the last 160 years.

Increased UFO activity in 2018 is expected, with the triangular-shaped craft being used to demonstrate the power and prestige of the secret government that is preparing to go underground and the saucer-shaped craft going to and from the underwater bases off the Malibu, California coast.

There will also be an increase in war rhetoric in both North Korea and Syria, drone strikes in Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere, immigration anxiety and social chaos in the streets of Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco and several other cities. Paris, Brussels, London, Stockholm and Amsterdam can also expect some terrorism and social unrest—not to mention the obvious choice of starting World War 3 in Jerusalem, even as we prepare to enter the New Jerusalem.

On the international playing field of finance, the United Nations / Anglo-American Illuminati has put Communist China into an economic corner in order to prompt China to attack the United States and also has Japan and Russia trying to use crytpocurrency against the dollar.

Moreover, Venezuela is trying to use cryptocurrency to avoid US sanctions. A refugee crisis is sure to ensue from countries on the brink of economic collapse, famine, war and catastrophic weather events; and Trump’s terrible rhetoric will lead the United Nations to get involved to ensure the sanctity of sanctuary cities, strong cities and Agenda 21. Trump is meant to delegitimize the United States democracy and justify an international order to deal with economics, climate change and immigration using an electronic currency given to us in the form of a microchip that also holds medical records. We can be taxed for our carbon footprint and monitored at the same time.

Soon, Prince William will be unveiled as the Anti-Christ King. This will probably be accomplished using the carbon crisis and Prince William will appeal to humanity to save the planet.

Oprah will bow before Prince William and ingratiate herself before the House of Windsor, who represent the White Dragon / Draco-Reptilian bloodline that aligned itself with the breakaway rebels from Orion and their gray alien drones. Their goal is for us to accept them as the rightful rulers.

The return of the Lord Jesus Christ is imminent. Seven years from 11/11/2017 is my timeline of choice, but others are predicting various dates. I suspect we have been given this time to choose “yay” or “nay” on microchips and on bowing ourselves before the Anti-Christ King and the Artificial Intelligence 5G Beast System that is his eyes and ears.

On the other hand, we can be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves” and help our fellow humanity to deal with their sickness, their confusion and their anger at the injustice while pointing out the existence of a rogue brown dwarf star hanging out with its compadres just behind the sun. With the shifting of the poles, the right hemisphere and femininity is rising up to challenge the left hemisphere and masculinity. Women now must begin to lead. The goal is peace. The time is now.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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