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Rebuilding Jerusalem key to 2018 cryptogram of Almighty God

David Meade
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There was a vote by the Knesset to “restore and rebuild Jerusalem.” It occurred on the eve of Passover on 4/1/1969. That is 49 years ago from this coming spring.

Why is this significant?

First, let’s review the facts.

After the 1967 War, Prime Minister Eshkol’s government extended the legal borders to East Jerusalem. Later in 1967, architects were retained to reconstruct the Jewish Quarter in the Old City. Bulldozing had to be done before the actual rebuilding could occur.

In addition, decisions were made as to which sites were to be designated for archeological digs and thus could not be built on.

So, THE WORD to “return” was given in 1967, while the Knesset vote approving MAJOR reconstruction began in 1969. This was the command to rebuild.

According to Leviticus 25, Jews were to count seven sabbatical weeks of 49 years (the EXACT terminology used in Daniel 9:25).

Let’s examine the key prophetic Scripture in the Book of Daniel.

JPS Tanakh 1917
Know therefore and discern, that from the going forth of the word to restore and to build Jerusalem unto one anointed, a prince, shall be seven weeks. –Daniel 9:25

NOTE: This is one continuous text in the original Hebrew. It says there MUST BE a seven-year week (7 X 7 or 49 years)–a 49-year period, from the order to restore and build Jerusalem (given in 1969 we now know) until the appearance of the Messiah. The Messiah is the Anointed Prince.

1969 +49 years is the spring of 2018.

There have been only TWO DECREES IN HISTORY to “return and rebuild” Jerusalem.

The first was Artaxerxes’ decree in 445 B.C.

The second decree came on April 1, 1969 [14 Aviv, Passover Eve] when the Knesset voted to rebuild Jerusalem; i.e., “bring the Jewish Quarter to life again.”

In 1969, the Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter–of Jerusalem, was formed. It was placed in charge of the building projects, all of them, in the Old City. This event was historic beyond comprehension, knowing what we now know. It began a major count, a 49-year count.

What we now call the Jewish Quarter and the south part of Mount Moriah is the exact territory that was in EXISTENCE as the time the actual prophecy was written at the time of DANIEL. It’s the Jerusalem Daniel knew as a youth–before his departure for Babylon. When he was interceding for Jerusalem, the angel Gabriel appeared to him and gave him this message.

This is the one final key to the determination of the spring of 2018 as the culmination of all things; it falls into place perfectly by the decoding of this major prophetic Scripture. Time is over for the Church this spring. The Tribulation and the time for Planet X begins for the world this spring.

If you want to see what transpires during the Tribulation, or if you want to escape all these things that shall come to pass –either way, read my book The End of Days.

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