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Planet X and the war to end all wars in Syria

Christian deBlanc
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The final hour is upon us. The time does indeed draw nigh. The elite know that. Planet X has become so imminently obvious—thanks to the pink clouds and physicists like Dr. Claudia Albers that it is taking massive chemtrailed patterns of cirrus and cumulus clouds as well as disturbing events to keep our eyes off the dwarf star that is close by.

According to Dr. Albers, Planet X is twice Jupiter; it is closer to the size of the sun’s core and it is visible in the sun’s corona. Planet X does have a system or a tail of sorts and many other little bodies that Dr. Albers calls “stellar cores.”

Planet X is electromagnetically and, therefore, plasmically, interacting with the sun. Because the sun’s corona is so hot, Dr. Albers says, Planet X is clearly a brown dwarf star, as a planet would be vaporized by the sheer heat of the sun’s corona. Planet X, as a brown dwarf star, is not able to sustain nuclear reactions or ionize its material in order to emit light. However, it is still detectable due to its gravitational / electrical interaction. Basically, the sun is able to “rejuvenate” the “stellar cores” and “Planet X” and then we can see plasma being exchanged between bodies.

Apparently, this plasma wind or solar wind is what is bombarding the Earth and perhaps it’s propelling the Earth to eventually change its direction of rotation.

Indeed, Planet X and its system’s passing is part of an overall gravitational / electrical interaction that is causing the Earth’s rotation to slow, its poles to shift and the volcanoes to erupt. It is truly a weak attractive force, according to Dr. Albers. Earthquakes are a mixture of the effect of Planet X, fracking and HAARP.

Countries like Russia and Japan are more honest about Planet X.

Russia has been aided by benevolent extraterrestrials from the Galactic Confederation. The Anglo-American Empire has made their bed going back to Babylon. The great conflagration is an illusion from the higher dimensional perspective as we are being harvested and wheat will go with wheat and chaff with chaff, but the choice for many to awaken is now.

Vladimir Putin has already seen the Queen Mother shape-shift and won’t back down.

Fighter jets are in a small space when it comes to Syria. Supposedly, we are all united against ISIS rebels; but, the reality on the ground is far from obvious. What is clear is that Russia has been invited in by the Syrian government and is helping to defeat ISIS in the Euphrates Valley, but is being prevented by the United States from doing so, according to this article from Global Research.

Iran has been promised a piece of the pie—the pie being the same territory sought be ISIS. They will be double-crossed. Iran is meant to be seen as a Muslim threat as well as part of a strategic alliance with Syria and Russia. A final axis of evil, as it were.

We, as the United States, have aligned ourselves strategically with Saudi Arabia, Israel and Great Britain. Saudi Arabia has been eyeing Iran’s piece also; and, as long as they play ball and help with the Artificial Intelligence network destined to operate, as it were, as a globalized, cloud-based, surveillance system, they will get the big piece of the pie—Damascus.

Of course, Isaiah says, “Damascus will be a ruinous heap,” so I suspect that the promise is an empty one—sadly enough.

It sounds ludicrous to say this when war seems imminent in North Korea but that is a smokescreen for both Planet X and the military-industrial-complex. A Muslim invasion is also a fear, but that is being used in Europe to justify the European Union to come in with “boots on the ground” (perhaps NATO—perhaps United Nations—perhaps they really are going to fund an army with Deutsche Bank / Rothschild money).

Japan is under attack and knows it. Russia is about to be pulled into an unavoidable conflict and knows it. Only China believes that it can beat the United States at its own game. China will be the place where Google truly develops the AI system. Saudi Arabia will then be a guinea pig for the AI with its offering of robot citizenship. It will be tested to see if it can operate the Stars Wars weapons / Directed Energy Weapons to actually take on extraterrestrials. (I mean the good ones that are coming to help with the Harvest). Of course, the BRICS countries are all in the position of being taken on if they fight back.

Syria is just an excuse to share profits and positioning (think leverage) with Saudi Arabia and Iran, with Iraq also being divided. Kurds are being used as pawns, which is sad. But Yemen is being starved to death so there is only so much sympathy to go around. I feel sorry, too.

Russia is intended to help Iran both with regard to the promises that will be broken with regard to Syria but also with regard to promises that will be broken vis-à-vis the nuclear agreement with the United Nations and the United States, in particular. We will certainly double back on our bet with Iran and then push them into fighting. This will be useful to clamp down on Jerusalem with checkpoints. The fact that the Iran nuclear deal will probably be decertified after Jerusalem is recognized is intentional.

Syria will then be accused of one more atrocity, I suppose. Perhaps they will shoot down a US jet or perhaps it will be Russia or maybe Iran. It only takes one US jet or one US soldier to die, or perhaps another chemical weapon. Then the war will begin in earnest, as I stated.

Of course, the elite truly want the AI in place so that they can safely enter the bunker compounds in Appalachia or Denver, or perhaps in Argentina, like the Bushes, and even Antarctica for others. There is no place to run from the Great Harvest, however. Whatever happens to the Earth is not the end of the Earth, nor our end. We will go to a New Earth, for the Earth is a quantum super-computer that will project a new holographic version of itself for us to experience as the new Earth once we are ready.

Before that will happen, Jesus does come down to Damascus. I don’t know why, but somehow Damascus is the last straw. The last domino standing will fall.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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