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Planet X and the four functions of chemtrails

Christian deBlanc
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1. Weather modification / manipulation

Certainly, this aspect of chemtrails is the most well-known and established in the field of conspiracy literature. It is the easiest to see with the naked eye, as it were. We see clear skies one minute, then a plane comes by and leaves a trail of aerosolized nano-particles and other items weighing a microgram and having the size of a nano-meter (these things are quite small, folks).

HAARP-style arrays and other means of energizing and then ionizing these tiny nanoparticles are employed to help them to attract moisture and become clouds. Then prevailing winds, jet streams and other microwave emissions can steer them toward a destination. In the modern parlance, most conspiracy theorists simply state that the military-industrial-complex behind the United States’ government is playing with the weather using aerosolized chemtrails and various forms of energy (particularly microwave emissions). Aluminum by itself can wreak havoc on both plant and animal life and we know the strength of the recent storms and fires. They must be brought to account for the loss of life that geoengineering chemtrails and directed energy weapons have led to both in this country, and in the world at large.

Truly, the United States military-industrial-complex has admittedly been attempting to modify the weather since Nikola Tesla first told us it was possible in the early 20th century. Operation Popeye gave the government a chance to see if they could both flood the Ho Chi Minh Trail, as well as burn down the dense vegetation so that they could strike the Viet Cong. More recently, the notion of chemtrails has surfaced as a means to mitigate the “harmful” effects of ultraviolet radiation. Chemtrails have been proposed as a measure to help counter the trend of global warming by such scientists as David Keith.

2. Disease propagation and transmission

Throughout World Wars I and II, and ever since, all of the major players, including the United States, have been researching ways to both use and to counteract biological / bacterial / chemical warfare. Zyklon B, Chlorine gas and Agent Orange are all examples of the handiwork of the globalized military-industrial-complex, though the Anglo-American Empire (which comprises Great Britain, Germany, the United States, France and Israel) seems to have particularly specialized in this ghastly work. In particular, following World War II, the use of aerosols to spread “air-borne” diseases like the flu and the Ebola virus have become prevalent. The important thing to remember is that the military-industrial-complex needs plausible deniability and also seeks to profit off its criminality and guile.

The nano-aluminum is an incredibly inflammatory agent in the human body. It affects allergic and inflammatory responses which can lead to shortness of breath and burning sensations in the sinus cavity, as well as the throat. It is no wonder that flu-like symptoms as well as itchy throat, along with strep and pneumonia follow persistent chemtrailing. Aluminum exacerbates and cripples the immune system and any bacterial agent can then get through the door as it were.

I am not stating definitively that chemtrails are hiding tiny bacterial agents just as I am not saying that they are definitively hiding tiny nano-bots or nano-machines (however you wish to term these little microscopically-detected minions of Sauron). Before I forget, aluminum also can lead to arthritic symptoms and Fibromyalgia. It is not just a breathing issue or an allergic problem that the use of aluminum in the chemtrails and in the vaccinations leads to; rather, it is a weariness and a weakness of the breathing and thinking mechanism and a fatigue mixed with constant irritation of the immune system that actually provokes irritability and unclear thinking, thanks to aluminum.

3. Cloaking and obscuration

This is another easy couple of paragraphs to write. Every morning, starting around 4:00 AM and finishing around 6:00 or 7:00 at the latest, you can see planes spraying the aerosolized chemtrails to obscure Planet X / Wormwood (or whichever orb of the Planet X System happens to be visible).

Chemtrails are also used to cloak UFOs, particularly the triangular-shaped UFOs of late, but also giant motherships, as it were. As some of these ships have cloaking technology that is not entirely effective, it is very ingenious to employ chemtrails to shield us from the UFOs hovering right over our very neighborhoods and streets.

To be certain, as in the Phoenix Lights and the flyby in the 1950s over the White House, the UFOs can make themselves visible in a show of power whenever they please, so they must be using the chemtrails not to alarm us as to their presence.

The same thing is true for Planet X. The elite do not wish to alarm us or alert us as to the coming Harvest of the Earth. Something in you will be awakened when you see the UFOs or when you see Planet X like a giant red dragon with its iron-oxide halo. It is inescapable. It’s been written in our unconscious and our DNA. We are intended to wake up and prepare to be harvested to a fourth density environment. We must let our love shine out but we can’t breathe and we can’t see and we don’t feel any love, just pain and isolation.

4. Gradual transformation of human consciousness

This is the one that is the most interesting to me. Morgellons phenomena and the little implants that are being pulled out of people with the little strings attached is just reminding me that transhumanism is right around the corner. Robots will be taking our orders and we will be using the microchip in our wrists, foreheads or phones to pay for it. Maybe even our retinas will be scanned so that we can be identified. We will not be allowed to drive cars or heat our homes with wood or goal. Oil companies and pharmaceutical and telecommunications giants will basically govern us as passive consumers and the end of Net Neutrality will lead to an Internet controlled so that sites like will be basically non-existent. The truth will be controlled so that it no longer exists in the public domain. Even our thoughts will be scanned using cameras and smart devices to monitor our facial expressions and maybe even our brainwaves can be monitored using the nano-bots or the microchip.

Chemtrails ultimately play a tiny part of this overall movement but they constitute the end of normal weather and the start of weaponized weather. As we are denied access to the sun, it becomes clear that the movement is one of reorienting humanity to individually-programmed virtual reality.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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