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Targeted individuals, nanotechnology and the ‘mark of the beast’

Christian deBlanc
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Lion and the Lamb channel on YouTube has just released a video called Targeted Individuals. In this video, the narrator relates her story of protesting the unconstitutional arrest of US Marine Brandon Raub, who had made a Facebook post, “Sharpening my axe. I’m here to sever heads.” She claims after calling the FBI to demand Raub’s release, she began to be “attacked” both by radiation and by what may be termed microwave radiation. She says that she bought lead as a means to determine if she was being irradiated while living in a van in Nevada and the lead started ringing out immediately—proof positive.

Nanotechnology is how she claims that the GWEN Towers and satellites can turn our circuitry against us. Chemtrails have been proven to have nano-fibers (found in Morgellons’ patients). Other chemtrails seem to have desiccated blood cells.

It is a horrifying vision of people being turned into mindless zombies to justify the Military Intelligence Complex takeover of the world.

VICE has done a report on this as well. Tens of thousands of individuals claim that they are being remotely targeted through MKUltra-style mind control.

NPR even did a report on ambassadors in the American embassy in Cuba claiming to have suffered brain damage and hearing damage from “sonic attacks.”

It seems like Great Britain and the United States are where the majority of the targeted individuals abide, but I admit that I am relatively new to this topic.

As with Planet X research and the movement to expose the reality of the Planet X system, strength is in numbers. We need to organize, collectivize, document and publish everything we have. Now is the time! MRI scans are finding the implants. Doctors, like Dr. Roger Leir, have removed the alien implants in people.

It’s unclear if voice-to-skull technology has been used to influence crazed killers by sending targeted individuals the “voice of God.” The CIA / DARPA has developed this technology and clearly they can use it.

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