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Does Donald Trump know the truth about Planet X?

David Meade
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Friends of mine have indicated to me that there exists a small minority of fringe elements who have commented in an irrational fashion about my book. Despite the fact it is a classic, containing enormously important and valuable information, why would my book be attacked? It contains the most important revelation of the century: the decoding of the Great Sign of the Woman, a time marker never seen before in history and which points shortly forward. As my interview with Glenn Beck stated, it “starts the ball rolling.” It’s by far the most important story and most important book of the century.

Well, negativism could be for several reasons. One is that as in the days of the propaganda machine under Adolf Hitler, books containing brilliantly-analyzed truth were destroyed or burned. This same spirit could be prevalent today. Are we in the “days of Noah?” Or these people could be certifiable. Who are these trolls? Some have suggested probably paid trolls–GCHQ, perhaps. We may never know.

This leads us to a major point: Does the President know? He is almost assuredly on a need-to-know basis. In other words, they are not telling him until the last minute. He is in the dark now. Does he have options? Yes. Does he need to know? Absolutely. There are major repercussions if he doesn’t know. Let me explain further.

What do a pole shift, the fracking process and the government’s Underground Bunkers in the Appalachians all have in common?

They are related–and the story is told for the first time right here. President Trump needs to know this information. It is critical and strategic planning, essential to the security of the United States. You are reading it for the first time ever right here.

It relates to a little-known or understood process call fracking. Fracking (hydraulic fracturing) is a process that’s been previously linked to earthquakes. In fracking, rock is fractured by a pressurized liquid. Science Magazine has reported that in a recent year Oklahoma has experienced more earthquakes than California, directly linking these earthquakes to the fracking process. We’re now experiencing earthquakes where we have never experienced them before!

Since 1999, the present use of the technology has been in place. Fracking now uses much higher pressures than earlier technologies. Fracking has allowed formerly inaccessible gas reservoirs to be opened. But the question is, at what cost?

We know that the pole shift that is slated to occur is a slow-moving process. What is happening is that the tectonic plates are moving and magma is being poured into areas that were formerly not accessible. This is causing the earthquakes in areas where fracking has disturbed the plates.

What makes this particularly dangerous for the government’s publicly-known shelters, which are all located in the Appalachian basis–Greenbrier, Mt. Weather and the alternate Pentagon site–is that they are located in areas where the fracking process has been used for 15+ years.

This has made them totally vulnerable to the slow-moving pole shift effects–when these increase, those three main shelters will have absolutely no effective use. They could be deemed too dangerous to inhabit or, alternatively, if they are used, they are subject to collapse when an increasing pole shift is felt. All due to the fracking industry.

The facts are now known about the dangers of fracking. Even MSNBC has written a public domain article linking earthquakes to the process. All you have to do is connect the dots.

While it’s very admirable to plan for continuity of government, the focus should be in safer areas. Don’t pour good money after bad. And buyer beware: nature has spoken. My new book, The End of Days – Planet X & Beyond, is light years ahead of any other book on these topics.

It should be a reference manual to be read in every major government office in the land. The CIA should have it in the hands of its major decision makers. The DOD needs to pay attention. I utilize non-paradigm thinking and Revelation knowledge to alert all critical parties to where proper strategic planning needs to take place. I game out every major end-time scenario. Imperialism should be subservient to survival. We need the infrastructure in place more than we need to be the world’s policeman.

Rabbi Glazerson in Israel confirms my findings of the Jewish Year 5778–beginning in October of 2017–is the year that Nibiru and the seals surrounding it are revealed.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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