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JFK: The truth

David Meade
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My exhaustively researched book The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump contains information that fully explains in detail the why and how of the JFK assassination. It also contains the who.

So these recent “releases” of data from various alphabet agencies contain little to no new material, just fluff.

Kennedy was murdered because he was ending the Cold War. He wouldn’t allow the CIA a Cuban invasion, nor an intrusion into a useless Vietnam war. He threatened to break up the CIA. He didn’t live long after that.

The motorcade film (Zapruder film) clearly shows the fatal bullet was from the front and, according to the laws of physics, it propelled his head backward. At the autopsy (where my stepfather was present), instructions were issued to “ignore the entry wounds.”

Dr. Crenshaw later broke the golden rule of silence and the media attacked him with fake news. Sound familiar?

Lt. Commander William Pitzer filmed the autopsy at Bethesda and the film clearly showed a front entry wound. Days later, he was found dead, supposedly by suicide, though he was looking forward to retirement. He had been shot to death.

Oswald was an agent of at least two alphabet agencies and, in order to create confusion about his real identity, Oswald was sent to several foreign countries as part of his cover–all communist nations, of course.


The most blatant conspiracy theory of today is the Democratic National Committee and the media suggesting some kind of collusion on behalf of Trump’s campaign. This is a huge lie.

Putin knows it–he also knows there is no evidence. Russia is thus preparing for war. That’s how they think. What a reckless course of action the DNC took, placing the American public in peril over this lame lie. The DNC people are somewhere beyond stupid–they have lost their sanity. They paid $6,000,000 for a piece of fiction called the Trump Dossier.

Watch out for Putin in the future. The Russians strike first when threatened. They are not fools, as is the DNC.

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