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David Meade talks Planet X on Parabnormal Radio

David Meade
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David Meade returns to talk about Planet X, the pole shift, survival, an electromagnetic pulse, the New World Order and more. He is author of the new book, The End of Days – Planet X & Beyond.

Keep in mind as you listen to this recent interview that first, revelation knowledge is progressive; and second, research is a process of elimination. My books demystify the Book of Revelation, which is upon us momentarily.

The whole story began with the Revelation 12:1,2 Sign – a once-in-history time marker. It moved forward to October 15th, when Jupiter exited the womb region of Virgo. Key clue: these were both Jewish Feast Days–the first Rosh Hashanah and the second the Feast of Tabernacles. When is the next one?

This event has more twists and turns than a Hollywood thriller. Stay tuned shortly. Listen to interview with Jeremy Scott on Parabnormal Radio.

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