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Project Black Star Update – Volume 45 (2017)

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Seismic event indicators say Earth is moving towards the peak of the second earth change uptick period for the 2017 Earth orbit cycle relative to the Black Star positioned in the Libra Constellation.

Year-over-year weekly seismic event values show Earth having more of the 6-magnitude earthquake events for Week 38 than the three previous years combined. Fifty of the 5-magnitude earthquake events for Week 38 of the 2017 orbit cycle is double the weekly-event total value we saw for 2016 providing strong evidence that our planet is crossing the threshold from relative lackluster earth change activity (Weeks 36 and 37) into a highly-active period predicted far in advance.

Week-over-week seismic-event values show a dramatic increase in global seismic activity across the board with six of the 6-magnitude earthquake events for Week 38 representing the highest weekly-total value for the entire 2017 Earth orbit cycle that began in the second week of February. Fifty of the 5-magnitude earthquake events is also the highest weekly-event value for the 2017 Earth orbit cycle more than doubling last week’s total pointing to the upward seismic-event trend we expect to see for the second two weeks of November transitioning into December. Seismic data for 2014 and 2016 show a brief decline in global earthquake events for Week 39, before a flurry of activity at the Earth/Sun/Black Star backside alignment (B in chart); while 2015 saw a 7-magnitude earthquake event. My suspicion is that Earth will follow the 2014/2016 seismic pattern with a brief-activity pause, before a well-pronounced earth-change uptick comes for Weeks 40 and beyond that can endure for a month or more; depending on the number of deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone.

Earth saw nine deep earthquake events in Earth mantle transition zone for Week 38 with eight striking on the Fiji side of the Indonesia/Fiji Seismic/Volcanic Origination Zone and none on the Indonesia side of the equation. The notable earthquake event for this week struck southwest of Naples, Italy (USGS) at 437.9 kilometers below the surface in Earth mantle transition zone along Deep Magma-plume Corridor #3. Recent seismic activity associated with the 6.7 Indonesia Quake (USGS) that struck near the bottom of Earth mantle transition zone (info), in combination with many deep earthquake events on the Indonesia-side of the Origination Zone, provided sufficient energy to the massive deep magma plume formation to test the formation terminal end. We were seeing just one earthquake event per day along Corridor #3 for weeks, but now that weekly-event total has climbed to more than two per day; as our planet continues pushing towards the peak of the current earth-change uptick period. The prediction for an earthquake event in the Gibraltar region (USGS) came to pass this week with increased seismic activity expected to strike west of that position along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, which is typical moving through the peak of each earth change uptick period. While Italy has already seen explosive volcanic eruptions associated with the recent uptick on the Indonesia-side of the Seismic/Volcanic Origination Zone, France could be spared from seeing a new volcanic eruption event for the remainder of this orbit cycle should the current trend continue for the Fiji side of the equation.

Note the Seismic/Volcanic Origination Zone (Indonesia/Fiji) on the left and the Convergence Zone on the right along the US/Canada West Coast. Our primary earth-change Watch Area has shifted back to the Americas, which will continue so long as the Fiji side of the Origination Zone remains highly active. Seismic activity along the Mexico West Coast has already returned with two earthquake events (5.7 USGS and 4.8 USGS) appearing seemingly out of nowhere, south of the Gulf of California. These earthquake events are likely connected to rising horn formations near the terminal end of Deep Magma Plume Arm/Corridor #2 being tested and pushed north towards the southern border of the United States. I would not be surprised to see earthquake/volcanism warnings coming from Arizona geologists, before the end of the year; feeling the tectonic/volcanic pressures pushing up from Central America through Mexico into the USA.

Earth saw three new volcanic eruption events in the last seven days with two events taking place in the Indonesia/Fiji Seismic-Volcanic Origination Zone. The Japan new volcanic eruption events took place in the Watch Area along Buoyancy-Barrier Corridor #1 extending from Indonesia/Fiji up through the Philippines, Japan, Kamchatka, the Aleutians and Alaska. The deep magma plume formation terminal end is currently projected to be under Cascadia and expected to be tested moving through the peak of the current earth change uptick period in late November/early December 2017. Eight deep earthquake events on the Fiji side of the Origination Zone has shifted our primary Watch Area across the Pacific Ocean into Central America/Mexico, where we should see new volcanic eruption events for the coming week.

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