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November 19th earthquakes coming due to Planet X?

David "Doomsday Dave" Hines
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This article talks about massive earthquakes erupting by November 19, 2017 and that there will be millions of people killed. They state that this is caused by Planet X and I hope their prediction is wrong but one never knows.

There have been many predictions in the past that have never materialized but, as I have said before, it is like the story of the boy who cried wolf: the wolf will come one day but the cries will not be heard. If this prediction comes true, then it will send the world into a tailspin and mass panic will occur worldwide. For those who remain, answers will have to be given and I wonder what sort of bull the government will come up with.

This video shows an object to the left of the sun and it should not be there; then the video continues showing chemtrails in the sky, so there is definitely something going on.

For those of you who are not sure about Planet X being real, you should listen to this interview with David Meade. You may ask why the government has not eliminated people like David Meade. Well, it would bring more attention to the public of the reality of Planet X which the government does not want. All the government can do is set the trolls after those people who research Planet X to try and discredit them which they are trying to do on a daily basis.

I believe there are teams of these trolls and they are very good at what they do and they have been hired by the governments around the world. The goal of these trolls is to insert doubt in your minds that people such as David Meade are fearmongers and are only out to make money. I personally don’t care if they make money; they have to put food on the table like everyone else and if after you listen to this interview and you still think that this is a bunch of crap, then all I can say is have a good life for how ever long that will be. I am convinced that Planet X is real and it’s only a matter of time before it reaches us. Yes, there have been dates put out there and nothing has shown up yet but it will.

Part of the strategy of trolls is to capitalize on these non-event predictions to convince you that this is just an Internet hoax and they call the researchers fearmongers. Well, go ahead and believe the trolls, but it seems funny to me that many people (trolls) get on sites about Planet X and state it is nonsense. So why are they on these sites? The answer to that question is they are getting paid well to do the government’s bidding.

I was reading an article about how many earthquakes the French Alps experienced–140 in one month, to be exact–and scientists cannot explain why or if they do know they are not saying. Check it out.

Here is a purported video of Planet X over Jerusalem; you be the judge of its validity. I think that very soon the governments of the world will not be able to hide it with chemtrails and then people will be demanding answers, but when that time comes it will be too late for you, if you have not made any preparations for survival.

Last, but not least, an excellent video of Nibiru. It’s here and it won’t be long before the trolls disappear as there will be no denying the existence of Planet X, so get ready for a shock, people.

DDD signing off.

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