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Neither the Saudi Prince nor the British Queen are exactly ‘human’

Christian deBlanc
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This video which was uploaded just prior to January 2017 appears to show the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman’s fingers extending beyond the normal length of a human into something resembling an insectoid being or gray alien hybrid. Indeed, the incident in question goes back to 2013. It appears like a Japanese television feed is what captured Prince Mohammed’s fingers extending. This is the oldest YouTube video I could find on the subject which was published on May 1, 2013.

Currently, within the Saudi Kingdom, there is a purge going on as princes and businessmen are being rounded up, detained and/or incarcerated. Indeed, it seems like this Prince Mohammed is being credited with leading the Saudi Arabian purge. This story on Yahoo News suggests that corruption is being investigated and perhaps we may say that the proverbial swamp is being drained. On the other hand, we can just as reasonably argue that all of the Saudis who are actually human and don’t support the AI/alien take-over are being arrested or conspicuously silenced.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has been blockading Yemen for the missile attack supposedly carried out by Yemeni rebels on a Saudi airport in the capital, Riyadh. Crown Prince Mohammed believes Houthi rebels are under the strategic command of Iran and has thus blamed Iran for the attack, while also blocking all ports, grounding flights and stopping all business (including food, water and medicine) from entering Yemen. To be honest, since 2015, Saudi Arabia has been in a war of sorts with Yemen, ever since these Shiite, Houthi rebels instigated a coup in Yemen. This story does a reasonably good job of conveying the intricacies of the story from the United Nations’ point of view.

Historically, we may credit another alien (though draconian, instead of insectoid) royal family for giving us this wonderfully-Satanic Saudi Arabian dynasty. Indeed, going back to Lawrence of Arabia, who liked young boys, the British family of Windsor (Saxe-Coburg Gotha) had a hand in hand-picking (as it were) which family of traditionally nomadic traders, Bedouins and herdsmen would become an oil-rich dynasty responsible for financing Arab-Islamic terrorism.

I combed through this well-written article from The Independent to find a quote supporting the contention that Lawrence of Arabia was both a powerful British diplomat and a pedophile. Here is what I found:

“Lawrence of Arabia, who fomented an Arab revolt against the Turkish Empire and brought much of the Middle East into the British sphere of influence, discovered homosexual and sado-erotic impulses within himself which might have remained dormant at home.”

Of course, I have found other articles saying that Lawrence himself was raped, maybe even gang-raped, which is why he later practiced the sadistic act of homosexual rape. Here is a paragraph quote I found more or less trying to explain his behavior:

“The claim was first made by author Richard Aldington 20 years after his death, controversial at the time because none of Lawrence’s friends or family supported it. In the wake of his being immortalized in the 1962 David Lean classic Lawrence of Arabia a host of other biographers rode Aldington’s coat tails, making the titillating claim that he had been both homosexual and sadomasochistic.” (source)

Of course, the website also states that Lawrence of Arabia, whose real name was T.E. Lawrence, was gang-raped as a means of stealing away his manhood by the Turkish military. So, in order to better understand his later behavior, we need to provide this partial quote as well:

“I won’t go into superfluous detail, suffice to recap he was captured by Ottoman Turk’s in Deraa in 1916 and subjected to humiliating beatings and sexual assault at the instigation of Governor, or Bey.”

“Rape in time of war is age-old. Most people are aware of the suffering of women and girls during hostilities; however, since ancient times it has been a weapon of war used against men. The word itself is derived from the Latin rapere meaning to steal, seize or carry away. In the military context, it was a means of stealing a man’s honor, a victorious soldier emasculating a vanquished foe in the belief that by forcibly penetrating him he lost his manhood.”

At any rate, the Ottoman Turkish Empire achieved a modicum of peace and prosperity for more than 500 years between Muslims, Jews, Christians and all of the minor variations in between, not to mention between the arising secular world of the West and the traditional world of the East.

So what royal family and what nation decided to upset the apple cart in the Middle East and derail the fragile peace? You guessed it: the Draco-Reptilian Royal House of Windsor. You know, the ones who mind-rape, sodomize and sacrifice young children. The Queen and Prince Philip had their fun with the Canadian school children who went missing circa 1964 and were never found again. In that story you can read that the last surviving witness was one of three Aboriginal children who survived the incident only to die days before getting his chance to testify in 2011.

A former MI-5 agent named John Hopkins stated, on his deathbed, I might add, that Prince Philip ordered the assassination and cover-up of Princess Diana because she was going to both divorce Charles and expose that the family was a bunch of (in her words) “lizzies.”

Of course, we have recent accounts of the Queen Mom shape-shifting in front of Vladimir Putin as a “show of strength,” as well as apparent “accidental” shape-shifting events, after which Twitter is instantaneously scrubbed clean of all vicious and malicious tweets.  Allegedly, a press release was issued explaining that the queen was “different” from humans. Both the Putin story and the other shape-shifting story were found on Your News Wire.

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