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The End Game

David Meade
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My book The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump contains all of the details behind the planning to implode the U.S. economy. I’ll summarize the End Game–the end to the most unique period in economic history we have ever seen.

The New World Order establishment is the consummate insider. They know exactly where they are going. Their chief counselors have hidden agendas as well.

In reality, I believe personally that Greenspan is a proponent of gold. The elite’s plan all along has been to pump up the fiat money currency to the maximum extent possible and then let it collapse.

When it collapses, it won’t be reset in any way we’ve ever seen. The Federal Reserve is bankrupt and leveraged 77-1. They know they cannot bail it out. Other countries are no longer buying our debt. That won’t bail it out.

A couple of hedge fund managers a few years ago came up with an interesting theory. They gamed out the backing of whatever currency remains (I’m talking paper money since stocks will have already been destroyed) and said that if gold was reset at just over $10,000 an ounce that the U.S. paper currency could be gold-backed. I believe the figure is closer to $50,000 an ounce. Since more than 500 currencies not backed by gold or silver have all failed, this of course is the solution.

A devaluation will occur some time after the stock market crash. The market crash will wipe out equities and the bond market. Banks may close for weeks.  The devaluation will be America saying to the world, “Well, we can offer you 20 cents on the dollar.” Or whatever formula they use.

It’ll probably go like this:  You know, our debt is half interest anyway. If you all will just forgive that and a little more, we’ll be OK to go on with you. Look what’s happened here to us anyway. The offer may not even be that generous.

American policy since one of our last honest Presidents, Kennedy, has been to put natural resources in protected areas. These protected areas have many names: Environmentally Protected Areas, National Parks and Military Reservations. The Chocolate Mountains of California are an example. They reportedly contain over 10 times the gold reserves of Ft. Knox. We’ve been holding them in reserve for just this type of event. They’re guarded by Marines.

The gold in Ft. Knox and the NY Federal Reserve is likely gone and most likely sold. The government also has the largest oil reserves in the world in Alaska and they’ve closed it up pending its use at a time just like this. This has been policy for well over 50 years. They’ve always known this time is coming and now it’s here.

These hidden natural resources will all become public knowledge shortly after the crash occurs. A lot of chaos will accompany the month of the crash.

The “London Silver Fix” ended on August 14, 2014. This was an arrangement by several major banks to “benchmark the price” to their whims.

Now the true price of silver is free to rise to market standards, depending on supply and demand. Silver could trade a minimum 1:1 price ratio with gold. With gold at $1200/ounce, that means silver at $1200/ounce. Of course, you need to read my book in its totality to understand the whole picture. It also has disclaimers, such as no investment results can ever be 100% accurately projected. This is speculation based on deductive logic. Diversification is the key.

The industrial use of silver makes it invaluable in photography, electronics, cells phones, RFID chips and computers and TVs. Silver reflects light and conducts electricity, making it essential in solar panels.

Trillions of dollars from both the West and the East are about to flow into silver as the last monetary haven. The Chinese even have a video produced to their one-billion-plus population recommending silver as an investment vehicle. When only a fraction of those billion people buy silver, think of the price demand that will occur.

Silver has the monetary value of gold but on top of this has a multitude of industrial uses. Our paper money is being printed in an out-of-control attempt to prevent the inevitable, which is a banking collapse and derivative meltdown.

Less than one in 1,000 people will be prepared. What is about to occur will be the greatest wealth transfer in history. In my opinion, only contrarians will survive.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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