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Blue laser light visible in Santa Rosa fires

Christian deBlanc
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Many thanks to A Plain Truth on YouTube for bringing this video to our attention. The video is titled “Visible Proof Lasers Used in 911 Cal Fires.” Indeed, “the smoking gun” in this case is “the blue laser light.” The more substantial proof might very well be the lack of substance to what once had been homes, cars and living people. Fires must have burned over 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit in order to melt steel, glass and rubber tires, not to mention reinforced concrete, which reminds many of us of 9/11.

I confess that I didn’t know what LIPC weapons were until I took apart the acronym. Laser-Induced Plasma Channel weapons, according to this article from Popular Science turn everything to “toast.”

“The Laser-Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC) can be used to destroy anything that conducts electricity better than the air or ground surrounding it (unexploded ordnance seems a good candidate here). It works off of some pretty basic principles of physics, using a laser to carve an electromagnetic path through the air that accommodates a high-voltage beam. Create that path, crank up the voltage, and your target is toast.”

Directed-Energy Weapons work by using an ionizing plasma sheath through which the laser sword can pass through. The nano-particulate mass of aluminum and other chemtrail material can be ionized by use of ionospheric heaters (whether from satellites, HAARP, plane or some other nefarious source).

Here is one more paragraph from the Popular Science article, just so you don’t have to take it from me:

“It works like this: a high intensity, super-short duration (maybe two-trillionths of a second) laser pulse will actually use air like lens–surrounding air focuses the beam, keeping the laser pulse nice and tight rather than scattering it. If the pulse is strong enough, it actually creates an electromagnetic field around itself that’s so powerful it strips electrons from air molecules, essentially creating a channel of plasma through the air. Since air is composed of neutral particles (that act as insulators) and the plasma channel is a good conductor (relative to the un-ionized air around it) the path of the laser beam becomes a kind of filament.”

Air Crap has done a good job of highlighting the connection between “disaster capitalism” and “Agenda 21.” This article with embedded video helped wake me up to this awful reality.

Like Rahm Emanuel says, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

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