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Hollywood and Planet X – Part 3

David Meade
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The Deep Underground Military Bases file is pulled. They read documents that say as far back as the 1990s they could tunnel through a rock face at the rate of seven miles per day. They built over 130 of them, an average of one to four miles underground, and an average of five to seven cubic miles in size.

A brilliant picture of a sunset with the Planet X positioned at 11 o’clock is pulled out. Stephanie says, “Look at the chemtrails all over the sky.” Taylor: “Yes, they’re trying to block it out from view.”

Taylor quotes Willis on NSA – Nothing is as it appears to be. And NASA – Never a Straight Answer. Stephanie adds, “They’ve had a shady history from day one.”

One file they look at is the Air France 447 file. In 2009, it went down over the Mid Atlantic range. “According to these documents, Planet X was the cause. When the north pole of X is pointed directly at the earth it causes an EMP event if the object, like an airliner, is highly electrical, and is over the nickel and iron-based Mid Atlantic undersea mountain range. Magnetrons and electrons burn out. Anything electrical is fried!”

The story of the century is sitting on the table before them. Both sit back and look at one another. Taylor raises a glass, “Here’s to the next two days.” It’s an inexplicable moment.

They make plans for a trip and immediately embark for a flight to Arizona. Taylor has a contact at one of the largest mountaintop observatories in the world. Their friend and contact there can substantiate their story and the photos. He will meet them at the Vatican Observatory the next morning.

Just as Taylor finishes speaking, the rumblings of an earthquake are felt throughout the facility and patrons run outside to see rubble all around. It has begun.

Taylor and Stephanie fly to Phoenix and take transportation to the huge observatory on Mt. Graham. As they enter the grounds a man, Alberto, known to Taylor only by telephone, approaches them. He says they should take note of everything they see here and then that night they fly to Chile.

Inside the observatory, Alberto introduces them to Father Rios, a member of the staff and a fellow astronomer. Father Rios takes them on a brief tour and they see the imposing super-cooled LUCIFER telescope. Then they enter a small but elegant conference room. Father Rios confides in them. He says the Vatican has known about Planet X since the early 1980s. In fact, on a different level they’ve known about it since 1960. He says that was the year that the Fatima revelation was only partly disclosed. He said the undisclosed part was so terrifying it was kept secret to this day. The undisclosed part is that Planet X carries the dreaded Wormwood star in its path and Wormwood will destroy a major part of the earth when it collides. The Catholic Church has never disclosed publicly any of this information. It was deemed too critical.

To be continued in Hollywood and Planet X – Part 4.

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