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Let’s take this one paragraph at a time.

Recently, more proof of alien abductions, animal mutilations, portals and all-around weirdness has been reported at the Stardust Ranch in Arizona. Many thanks to Tyler from “Secure Team 10” for bringing this story to my attention. Here is a link to his well-done video.

The ranch’s owners claimed that as soon as they purchased the ranch, they began to witness gray aliens with bulbous, black eyes. The gray aliens levitated the owner’s wife and attempted to abduct her, though he was apparently able to thwart their efforts.

The owners reported multiple portals and animal mutilations on the ranch since the mid 1990s.  Sounds crazy, right? Well, to be clear, animal mutilations in the American Southwest have been reported since the late 1970s. Linda Moulton Howe’s documentary, A Strange Harvest, is a marvelous testament to this remarkable phenomenon.

I began writing for describing sonic-levitation trains that the elite have built into the underground bunker cities under the American Southwest, which are used to help the elite travel from New Mexico to Colorado to Nevada and back at extremely fast speeds.

Phil Schneider talked about underground bunker cities as well as a battle between Reptilians and humans that happened underground near Dulce, New Mexico. This battle reportedly happened in 1979.  In 1995, Schneider spoke out about it. He died shortly thereafter, in 1997.

Okay, so, if any of this is true, it points to the fact that alien abduction and underground phenomena have been occurring since the late 1970s.  Meaning whatever they have been trying to achieve is probably just about achieved.

What do I mean?

Well, I mean that the elite, along with the extraterrestrial help, have built an underground civilization underneath the American Southwest focusing in Denver, Colorado. However, it is quite obvious that aliens will not be what the general public is supposed to be seeing just yet.

On the other hand, artificially intelligent robots are being rolled out and, amazingly, granted Saudi Arabian citizenship. Indeed, Saudi Arabia has made a $500 billion investment to create a city where robots and humans work or play side-by-side.

In fact, just days ago, an AI robot named Sophia took questions from investors in Saudi Arabia and mocked Elon Musk for his fears of an AI takeover. Here it is.

Of course, it was only weeks ago that the military-industrial-complex behind 9/11 used directed-energy weapons (DEW) to burn the neighborhoods of Santa Rosa that had previously been designated by United Nations Agenda 21. Indeed, in researching this issue, it has become clear that fires were not natural. The directed-energy weapons require an ionized plasma cloud to serve as a sheath for the laser (sword). The chemtrails contain the nanoparticles that can then be ionized by ionospheric heating.

The goal is to claim the Earth for aliens and AI, and I suspect that both the aliens and the AI are not the “powers and principalities” that “we struggle with,” to chop St. Paul. I just know in my heart that Planet X is what is speeding up the elite’s plans for global domination and one-world government. SkyWatch Media News does the best job of addressing the Planet X phenomena.

Whether you are searching for “Two Suns,” “Planet X,” “Nibiru,” “Wormwood,” etc., you will find what you are searching for.  Just rest assured, you will take flack for it.

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