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Donald Trump Vs. the Bilderbergers

David Meade
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Donald Trump has known the truth of the New World Order group since the 1980s; he has kept it close. He was born to defeat them.

The so-called carbon tax is a hoax perpetrated by this group in order to create a trillion-dollar control mechanism against governments, countries and their populace. It’s a trickle-down tax designed to destroy the middle class, a goal of the New World Order.

By expertly removing the U.S. from the octopus of the Paris Climate Agreement, Trump effectively destroyed the New World Order in place.

Let’s study in detail what this agreement would have permitted, according to Banking Pirates of the City of London by John D. Christian:

Shall apply “mutatis mutandis” deception

Throughout the Paris Agreement, an old British Latin legal term is used called mutatis mutandis. For example, in Article 16: Section 5, which reads: “The rules of procedure of the Conference of the Parties and the financial procedures applied under the Convention shall be applied mutatis mutandis under this Agreement, except as may be otherwise decided  by consensus by the Conference of the Parties serving at the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement.”

This legal terminology regularly using “mutatis mutandis” is also used in other major international agreements such as the GATT, WTO, Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) and others.

It is an old British, City of London legal trick to get people to unwittingly sign a document that hides future alterations in it to be added later which for the time being remain unstated. The Latin phrase mutatis mutandis is a Latin phrase first used in British law and in commercial agreements in 1272 AD around the time the City of London Corporation was founded. In honest use, mutatis mutandis means “once the necessary changes have been made” in the context that only minor changes in details such as names and places will be made but everything else will remain the same.

However, when the phrase is dishonestly inserted into these agreements as it is, the real intent is deception by omission. It allows the drafters of the agreement to omit clauses in the agreement, or use highly ambiguous wording wherever they can which allows them to do almost anything that they know will be added later, but if this were included may upset many of the parties and they probably would not sign it.

For example, the British oligarchy want to see the establishment of domestic and international “Climate Courts” set up linked to the Paris Climate Change Agreement, but there is no mention of them at all in the document. No doubt they will be added later under mutatis mutandis.

Other concerned people around the world have also picked up on this wicked misrepresentation and devious use of mutatis mutandis by corrupt lawyers in these supposed “free trade agreements.”

Man-made Weather Weapons: HAARP Nuclear Tsunami Bombs

The US HAARP base at Gakona in Alaska and Russian Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility near Vasilsursk east of Nizhniy Novgorod in Russia have long been claimed that they can radically alter the climate and manipulate the weather to cause earthquakes by heating up the ionosphere. For decades, Russian scientists have believed their climate change weather control weapons can even manipulate the ionosphere so much that they can change the earth’s magnetic fields to such an extent they can drive the earth off its axis.

The NWO blames adverse changes to the weather cause war, poverty, refugees and every other negative thing in the universe. Really? Are we to believe this piece of fiction? Obviously President Trump didn’t buy your theory. You New World Order people have met your match in Donald John Trump. This is the story of the century that the mainstream media has been missing.

The military-industrial complex has weather modification under their control. And the increase in earth temperatures is attributed solely to the approach of the Planet X system under the Electric Universe Theory.

The public, at least 50% of it, is waking up. I’m an optimist. I even give 50% of the press and the media the edge, too; it’s so obvious a child can see it. You’re watching an awesome play work its way out on the world’s stage. So far we’ve won. My book The Coup D’état Against President Donald J. Trump contains the whole story.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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