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555, synchronicity and opening the throat chakra

Christian deBlanc
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You may be seeing the numbers 555 a lot these days. You may be compelled by your soul or higher self to randomly look at a car’s license plate as you drive; or, you might be prompted to look at your phone or your alarm clock or even the television screen as a phone number flashes with 555. You may even find this article in a seemingly random fashion. I assure you, nothing is random.

This website is all about waking people up and helping them move out of what Piaget called “concrete operational thinking” into what has been termed “post-concrete operational thinking.” Maybe we can call it post-modern as well, since the modern age did not realize that the universe was a hologram of a dodecahedron and that human beings possess an energy field that can be activated into a Mer-Ka-Bah or “light-spirit-body.” Modernism doesn’t understand reincarnation either.

However, synchronicity takes all of these factors into account and Spirit is a non-local entity that is entangled into the fabric of this universe. Of course, part of why I am writing for is to bring religion up to speed with the new age and to bring the new age up to speed with old-time religion.

The throat chakra is the key. Chanting “HAM” works. So does the practice of synchronized breathing, whether it is short or long, deep or shallow. If it is synchronized, rhythmic and continual, your left and right cerebral hemispheres will calibrate and stop working separately. Also, your default neuronal network will become activated by the increasing frequency and increasing cerebral blood flow. The result is beta brainwave.

Now, the brain becomes goal-oriented and the pineal gland can activate so that we can become willing to hear the voice of the Higher Self, the pre-personalized Holy Spirit that is a part of the Father; this is the Spirit that becomes personalized after the baptism of Jesus and can be ours, too.

We each have a Spirit flying above us, so to speak, while the universe mother spirit or Sophia (the Great Mother archetype) works through our right hemisphere to get us in sync with the Earth, our bodies and all life in the biosphere. Sophia seeks to use the alpha brain wave and the right brain, while the ego thrives on the left brain and the beta brain wave. Meditation and the 555 bring these two brain waves in sync by activating the slower theta brain wave and allowing parts of the brain that are not used in the default neuronal network to become activated, ionized and engaged by freshly oxidized blood so that we can think outside the box and contemplate our own immortal Spirit.

The 555 means that we are in sync with this local universe, which is under the sovereignty of Christ Michael (known to us as Jesus or Yeshua Ben Joseph).  It means that communication will be purposeful and timely and that we must tell the truth right now.

Angel Number 555 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 5:55?

All of the triplets have a significance and it is learning to trust the intuition of the universe mother spirit until we can achieve union with the Holy Spirit that is the pre-personalized essence of the Universal Father. God the Father seeks a personality and we seek union with him. It’s a win-win and it’s our birthright. This planet fell due to the Lucifer Rebellion 200,000 years ago. Lucifer tried to take away our birthright by claiming that there is no Universal Father and that the sovereignty of Christ Michael was therefore oppressive and not legitimate.

The devil is the former prince of this planet whom Jesus came to dethrone. He did not come to conquer Rome at all. Rather, he came to earn his sovereignty by living a mortal life and dying a mortal death, willingly. He did not use his sovereignty, except to do the Father’s will; he surrendered his will to the Father, which is true Islamic practice.

He also spoke the truth and rebuked the unrighteous and defended the poor, needy and the oppressed without seeking vengeance or causing harm to anyone, even the greedy money-changers. If we keep the peace in our heart by remembering the teachings of the Buddha, then we can live the example of Jesus for others.  This is why we are being activated as light-workers, wayshowers, Saints, star-seeds, etc.

Seven years of Tribulation are upon us and everyone who is waking up or has the chance to get off the wheel of reincarnation, karma and suffering (dukka) is going to be getting heaving prompting and maybe restful episodes where they must rest. This is so the soul can be reminded of the pre-life plan to unite with the immortal Spirit through the universe mother spirit / Sophia, who is using the right hemisphere to break our egos down so that we can be humble enough to acknowledge our spiritual poverty. We have to pray and ask God to enter our hearts. We have to ask guardian angels to help. The 555 comes after the 444 for many of us.  We have to walk alone and be persecuted or mocked by society for a season to prove to the universe hierarchy that we are worthy servants who can indeed serve others by awakening them.

333 suggests a new opportunity, if you see those numbers.

111 begins a cycle that ends at 999.

222 means you have to clarify your desire because you are torn and uncertain about what you want.

666 is a second chance to do what you had the opportunity to accomplish with the 333.

777 means rest for a season. 888 means that you have the strength of the Lord and his hosts behind you.

000 means that there is nothing happening for you and you can reflect on the fact that God’s will and purpose guide our lives.

I pray everyone who reads this can experience the satisfaction of 555.

The views expressed in this article are entirely the writer's own.

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