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Planet X / Nibiru visible over California

Christian deBlanc
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As northern areas around California burn, something sinister arises at about the 1:00 position relative to the sun. This recent video posted by Nick Thomas TV YouTube channel shows what appears to be a second sun or a large, celestial object close enough to the sun to be ominous.

Obviously, Californians have no time to be gazing at the sky as they watch neighbors’ homes or their own go ablaze thanks to dry air, rough winds and the ubiquitous accumulation of aluminum oxide from the omnipresent chemtrails. Aluminum oxide kills plants by systematically drying them out from the inside. They rot from the inside because they cannot get the water from the roots.

Of course, the chemtrails contain more than aluminum. Strontium, Barium, sulfur oxides and a host of other oddities are found in the jet fuel that then becomes aerosolized as these jets crisscross America.

Part of the chemtrail / geo-engineering / solar radiation management scheme is to block or obstruct our view of Planet X. Another aspect is using the chemtrails to—slowly, yet systematically—destroy or ruin harvests, plant life and the soil in general. Yet another aspect is using the chemtrails to get us sick to death of coughing blood.

At any rate, as David Meade has suggested, Nibiru / Planet X / Wormwood / Red Kachina, whatever you wish to call this brown dwarf star that has been tracked since the 1980s, will soon be visible to such an extent that no amount of chemtrailing will be able to adequately shield us from this ominous, prophetic spectacle. It certainly brings me no pleasure to say. I just wish everyone to understand that Nibiru is real, even if the Zechariah Sitchin translation of the Sumerian tablets is a bit fanciful.

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